BFI Club Speaks with Bloomberg Energy Experts

BFI Club Speaks with Bloomberg Energy Experts

On Friday, October 21, members of the MBS BFI (Business, Finance, and Investment) Club spoke with alumnus Nick Rella ’15 and a pair of energy experts from Bloomberg via Zoom about trends in the oil sector and the latest tools that they use to make informed decisions. The presentation was arranged by seniors Zubin Pande ’23 and Justin Benbassat ’23, who are pursuing an Independent Study on energy markets under the guidance of teacher Ricky Kamil. 

The presentation included a discussion of how world events such as the Russia-Ukraine war are impacting the energy markets, the outlook on green energy, and whether the U.S. is likely to turn to Venezuela to purchase oil.  

Both energy sector specialists also gave a demonstration of the software and visualization tools that they use regularly – including geospatial analysis.

The MBS BFI Club is looking forward to continuing the conversation in December, when the group is planning a field trip to Bloomberg headquarters.


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