Anatomy & Physiology Students Complete First Dissection

With new lab safety protocols in place, Dr. Marina Milinkovic’s Anatomy & Physiology students recently completed their first dissection of the year.

“This year’s lab procedures feature intensified cleaning, disinfection and ventilation,” said Dr. Milinkovic.  “Thanks to plexiglass and social distancing, we are able to safely do our lab work with only two students per lab desk. Disinfected goggles, aprons, gloves, and masks are part of our daily life.”

After reviewing lab safety and a brief introduction of the dissection procedure, students took a deeper look at the eye, an amazingly complex sensory organ, by exploring the intricate structures of a preserved sheep eye.

“Students gain an appreciation for the solid and fluid mosaic nature that the eye requires in order to adjust and manipulate light into a form that can be interpreted by the brain,” said Dr. Milinkovic. “The lesson ends with a review of mammalian eye anatomy and the basic mechanics of vision.”

Anatomy & Physiology, an honors-level course, includes coverage of medical terminology, basic biochemistry, cell and tissue structure and the 11 systems of the human body. In addition to several dissections, lab activities for this semester course include microscopic analysis of tissue specimens. Many of the students who take the course are interested in professions in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, physical education or public health.


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