Alumnus and Award-Winning Writer Eric Geron '07 Speaks to Students

Alumnus and Award-Winning Writer Eric Geron '07 Speaks to Students

MBS alumnus and award-winning author Eric Geron ’07 returned to campus on Tuesday, October 24 to conduct a writing workshop in Anderson Library with students in Nikki Liese’s 7th Grade English class. 

Geron recently published Fry Guys, a colorful graphic novel in which the Fry Guys—a team of three French fries—must do whatever it takes to defend their home against an invasion of evil UFO-nion Rings. His discussion of his latest work was very timely for Ms. Liese’s students, who are currently studying narrative techniques and goals through graphic novels.

After a brief introduction, Geron guided the students through two fun exercises that demonstrated a writer’s process of working with an illustrator. Using two panels from his book, the students converted the pages back into writer’s notes for an illustrator. They also practiced illustrating a few panels from a writer’s notes.

Geron earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Miami and interned at Scholastic in New York City. From there, he took a job as an editorial assistant at Disney Publishing in Los Angeles and began to voraciously write an array of projects.  He has written more than a dozen books for children, including the #3 New York Times bestseller Descendants: A Novelization, which he wrote under his pen name, Rico Green.


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