A Record Number of Teams Compete in Annual Chariot Races

A Record Number of Teams Compete in Annual Chariot Races

The traditional chariot races made a triumphant return to Burke Field on Thursday, April 20 as the Latin Club revived its longstanding “ludi circenses” (festival games). A record-setting 12 chariots competed in this year’s competition, which was won by Luc Bush ’25, Haven Miscia ’25, and Noah Resnick ’24.

With beautiful spring weather and a capacity crowd on hand, this year’s event was a rousing success and a last hurrah for the graduating Latin students. Head of School Liz Morrison presided over the festivities clad in a toga, and she signaled the start of the day's only race by dropping a cloth known as a “mappa.”

This year’s racers devised some ingenious chariots – modifying everything from luggage to wheelbarrows.

After the races, Latin teacher Nicole Freeto crowned each victor with a laurel wreath.

Congratulations to all of the participants: Lucas Achilarre '26, Nimal Amarasiri '26, Nick Anderson '26, Jack Bailey '24, Ben Borofsky '26, Zach Braun '25, Colin Brucker '26, Luc Bush '25, Evan Daniels '26, Alison Delzo '26, Jack Elsevier '25, Blake Evans '26, Jack Gonyea '25, Lexa King '24, Daphne Mariano '25, Alex McMahon '25, Alice McNamara '24, Jamie Miller '24, Sophie Minocha '24, Haven Miscia '25, Ian Patchett '24, Darius Payne '26, Daniel Raimer '26, Keira Redmond '24, Noah Resnick '24, Ronnie Schreier '26, Bridget Sherman '26, Kevin Sokolowski '25, Jonathan Spencer '25, Jonah Tinkelman '24, Kevin Tone '24, Catherine Trent '25, Isabella Villanova '24, Cameron Weil '26, and Gabrielle Wolin '24.


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