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Geography Students Share World Cultures Through Food, Art, and Music

As Mrs. Swanson’s 6th Grade geography students wrap up the academic year, they each focused on a different country and had a great time sharing the culture of that nation by either cooking a signature dish, drawing or painting a famous site, performing a musical piece, or making a craft.

Some of the creative projects included cooking Icelandic pancakes and sambusa from Madagascar, painting St. Mary’s Basilica from Poland, and creating Japanese origami and a South Korean floating lantern.

During the past month, Mrs. Swanson’s students have been studying a region of the world that they wanted to know more about.  They first chose a continent and began to analyze physical feature maps in addition to maps that illustrated how the land was used by people. Next, students reflected on how the human experience is shaped by a region's climate, precipitation, and population density, by working with these thematic maps. 

Once students became familiar with their continent, they then chose a country from the continent to examine in depth. By using an online database from Anderson Library, students could choose to read from more than 50 categories, such as cuisine, the status of women, sports, education, and even human rights as a way to learn about life in their country. 

After that, Mrs. Swanson “sent them on an all-expenses-paid trip" to their country with the stipulation that they had to write two letters to her while on their adventure. Information gathered from the database was to be woven creatively into each letter.

The final part of the project was to represent the culture of their country through food, crafts, music, or art.


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