Middle School Students Focus on Financial Literacy

This week in their academic classes, all Middle School students are participating in a mini-semester (a “mini-mester”) on financial literacy.  Students are learning about concepts including budgeting, debt, credit, saving for the future, wants vs. needs, and investment basics. In the language classes, all Middle School students are focusing on another important life skill — public speaking.

“The aim is to provide students not only with a basic sense of personal financial principles, but also to understand how finance ties together societies on local and global scales,” said Head of Middle School Boni Luna. “The different topics complement and build on coursework while also offering an alternative window onto where their learning might lead them.”

On Tuesday, 6th Graders in Jennifer Dubeck’s class were busy learning about credit while students in Archana Sankar’s class were getting a lesson in wants vs. needs. Elsewhere, students were engaged in discussions on the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Mint, and the history of money.

Also during the week, 7th Graders will explore concepts ranging from minimum wage and the cost of living to an overview of saving and investing. The 8th Graders will tackle subjects including credit, compound interest, and personal budgeting.


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