9th Grader Places 3rd Nationally in Synchronized Skating

Congratulations to MBS freshman Jacqueline Preuninger ’22, whose synchronized skating team placed third in the 2019 Synchronized Skating National Championships in Plymouth, Michigan last weekend. 

Preuninger has been training as a synchronized ice skater for the past nine years, starting when she was just five years old!  To qualify for the national competition, her team first competed in the regional level beginning in September. From there, her team was one of 12 teams in their division to advance to the national championship after qualifying in January.

Synchronized skating is a sport where eight to sixteen skaters perform together as a team. They move as a flowing unit at high speed over the ice, while completing complicated footwork. Each level performs a free-skate program that requires elements such as circles, lines, blocks, wheels, intersections, moves in isolation, and, at high levels, lifts. Synchronized skating grew rapidly in the last 50 years and today there are approximately 600 synchronized teams in the United States alone.


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