8th Graders Create Science Projects to "Change the World"

With a great deal of creativity and vision, MBS 8th Grade students presented their projects to “change the world” at a Science Expo in the Middle School Commons on Wednesday, April 3rd

The students devised a wide range of inventions designed to meet an array of needs. Their creations included: living bioplastic, a rooftop garden company, safe propellers, a solar-powered hovercraft, a device to keep plastic out of the ocean, magnetic cars, and an empathy game.

The 8th Graders crafted elevator speeches and pitched their inventions to the faculty, students and parents who were walking around the expo.  The 6th and 7th Graders formally evaluated the inventions by responding to survey questions on their iPads, and they later discussed the feasibility of the projects in their own science classes.


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