7th Graders Get a Lesson in Confronting Misinformation

7th Graders Get a Lesson in Confronting Misinformation

As part of Information Literacy Week, each 7th Grade advisory is participating in workshop in Anderson Library to help students learn how to respectfully disagree when they see incorrect information being spoken or shared.

In her presentation on “Speaking Up Without Causing a Showdown,” Head Librarian Erinn Salge began by discussing types of misinformation and the reasons why lies travel faster than truth. She helped the students identify several steps to best respond to the situation:

·      Be civil

·      Take your time to respond

·      Construct your case

·      Decide whether to respond publicly or privately

·      Be patient and persistent

At the end of the workshop, students engaged in a role playing activity in teams where one student was spreading misinformation (“Patrick Mahomes was replaced by a body double”) and the other student had to decide how to best respond.


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