7th Graders Begin Online Research about Bill of Rights

This week, Cathy Kellstrom’s 7th Grade Civics students began their Bill of Rights research projects by making a stop at the School’s Anderson Library, where Head Librarian Erinn Salge spoke about research fundamentals and introduced a special LibGuide for the assignment.

For the project, each student will examine one amendment from the Bill of Rights and create an Explain Everything or iMovie that explains the rights protected by the amendment and shows how the amendment has been tested and interpreted by the higher courts.

Mrs. Salge began her presentation by discussing the research process which involves inquiry, curating, exploring, and engaging. She then introduced the students to a LibGuide that she created specifically for the project, directing them to reputable ebooks, books and databases.  She explained that the LibGuide will allow the students’ research experience to be seamless, whether they are working remotely or on-campus.


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