7th Grade Students Introduce Bills as Part of Model Congress

This week, two of Kathryn Kao’s 7th Grade social studies classes are learning about government by participating in a model Congress.  As part of the simulation, the students solicited ideas for bills, drafted the bills, and are now debating and voting on them. 

Bills that pass both classes will go to the 7th Grade Team Lead (English teacher Sharon Phelan), who will decide whether to pass them into law or veto them.

Two of the bills that passed both houses were to let the 7th Grade keep their phones during the school day (instead of turning them in to their advisory), and allowing gum chewing in every class.

Some of the other bills that were introduced included:

·       No homework on weekends

·      No homework before a test unless it’s the material being tested

·      Having Collaborative Period every day

·      Being able to wear MBS sweatpants

·      Having class outside

·      Letting students take short breaks during class when they need it


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