6th Grade Language Exploration Class Creates Art in the Arboretum

Sixth Graders in the Language Exploration class took advantage of the beautiful spring weather this week by taking a “mini field trip” to the nearby Frelinghuysen Arboretum, where they created some watercolor paintings.

The students are wrapping up the year with a few cultural units.  Currently, they’re focusing on art, and have learned about Impressionism, Roman portrait sculpture, and Ancient Greek pottery.  On Tuesday, they reviewed the characteristics of Impressionism before walking to the Arboretum, where they painted their own Impressionist watercolors.

The students who participated in the activity were:  Ashley Badcock, Shane Ben-Hayon, Madison Blount, Julia Covey, Luke Cueto, Emily DeCillis, Brennan Dickson, Nikki Fiverson, Catalina Fonseca, Liam Hong, Elise Karosen, Lilyana Karosen, Alex Kothari, Giovanna Lattarulo, Viviana Lisk, Christian Norweg, Rohan Pally, Caroline Powers, Baxter Thompson, Nick Tucker, Will Turben, Anna Wade, and Jacob Wong.

They were accompanied by faculty members Michael McGrann, Christian Gomez-Reyes and Abigail Henkel.


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