2021-2022 Student Government Officers Inducted

Congratulations to this year’s Student Government Association (SGA) officers, who were officially sworn in as part of All-School Meeting on Friday, October 1.

This year’s SGA representatives are:

2021-22 Executive Board
President:  Rafael Cruz ’22
Vice President: Hannah Williams ’22
Treasurer:  Dylan Braunstein ’22
Secretary:  Ava Penizotto ’22
Public Relations:  Aaron Morton ’22

Class of 2022
President:  James Marinello ’22
Vice President:  Lauren Coyne ’22
Treasurer:  Charles Sheppard ’22
Secretary:  Nick Johnson ’22
Public Relations Officer:  Anna Ferrier ’22

Class of 2023
President:  Amelia McNamara ’23 and Egbefe Omonzane ’23
Vice President:  Sam Sommer ’23
Treasurer:  Jake Goldstein ’23
Secretary:  Max Masino ’23
Public Relations Officer:  Regina Arrocha ’23

Class of 2024
President:  Ethan Levy ’24
Vice President:  Abigail Van Cleef ’24
Treasurer:  Gabrielle Wolin ’24
Secretary:  Jonah Tinkleman ’24
Public Relations Officer:  Alice McNamara ’24

The Class of 2025 will have its elections later this fall.


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