11th Grade Wellness Classes Exploring the Opioid Epidemic

Dillan DiGiovanni’s 11th Grade Wellness students are exploring the opioid epidemic with some help from Head Librarian Erinn Salge and Director of the Center for Academic Writing Kate Muttick ’97.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Wellness classes visited Anderson Library, where Mrs. Salge gave the students an overview of the opioid epidemic and led a discussion about news literacy. The students learned the differences between a news article and an opinion piece, characteristics of editorials and op-eds, how to assess the accuracy of a news article, different forms of bias, and how to assess website content. 

Mrs. Salge also discussed different types of editorials and the various goals of an editorial writer — to explain/interpret, criticize, praise, or persuade. The students then conducted some quick research before engaging in a free writing exercise about the issue.

Later in the week, Mrs. Muttick will help the students hone their editorial voice, write effective leads, and make personal connections with the subject matter. 


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