Cartagena, Day 2

By Camryn Hartkern and Grace Barnett

On day two we began the day by eating breakfast in the little restaurant in our hotel. Then we all met and got ready for a bike tour. Once we got to the bikes, some people were give electric bikes and a tandem, due to injuries or other issues. Using the bikes, we were able to see other areas of the city that would have been harder to walk to. While biking around, we were able to enjoy beautiful views and colors of the city. We stopped at a restaurant on a hill that overlooked the ocean. We dropped off the bikes and enjoyed some fresh fruit juice from a vendor on the street. Muy delicioso. It was very refreshing because we were all sweating under the sun. After cooling off we went into a museum /​ church. We got to see some religious art and some history about San Pedro, a saint who helped the African slaves find a better life. We also saw his skeleton preserved in a glass casket in the church section of the museum. It was very beautiful and spacious. When we were done at the museum we went to a coffee tasting. This was very interesting because we didn’t know what to expect when we went there. We learned a little about the Colombian coffee then did an aroma and taste tests of different flavors and scents before trying the coffee. This allowed us to be able to guess what family the scent of flavor of coffee was in. (For example, earthy or floral). After learning about and trying the Colombian coffee, we all came back to the hotel for some down time. We hung out at the pool, swimming, relaxing, and enjoying each other's company. Then we got ready for dinner and walked to a restaurant in town. We were seated in the upstairs section of the restaurant that happened to have a DJ and dance floor. We ate and danced, then ate, then danced even more. This was incredibly fun for all of us. At 10:00pm, hyped up but tired, we walked back to the hotel to get ready for bed and go to sleep.


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