Ready to Change the World

Perri Easley is an award-winning French student, a skilled swimmer, and a founding member of important MBS student groups and movements. However, Perri has not confined her talents just to our campus; last year she was chosen as a reporter for Channel Kindness, a national news organization focusing on inclusivity and positivity created by Lady Gaga in affiliation with her Born this Way Foundation. 

These achievements are impressive, but perhaps her greatest asset is her desire to contribute to society and use her drive and focus to benefit others by fighting for freedom, safety and justice for those who may not have their own voice. When asked how her school is preparing her for this, Perri says “Being a student at MBS really showed me that I have the power, I have the skills, I have the techniques, I have everything available to me, to do the things that I care about and am passionate about.” 

In her time at MBS, Perri has done just that, recently completing one of two independent studies as an Upper School student. In her first study, she worked with the Chairman of the History Department, Dr. Merry, to explore the history of social movements. As part of the study, she created and documented her own social movement surrounding mental health awareness. Next year, as a senior, she’ll be working with her French teacher, Dr. Hadzic, on an independent study that addresses race relations in France. 

Whether Perri is someday known for her incisive journalism, her role in meaningful social change, or her work as a politician or civil rights attorney, she feels strongly that she is prepared for what is ahead of her and is grateful for the role that MBS has played in preparing her for whatever path she chooses.


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