Nurturing Student Minds, Bodies, and Spirits

Conversations with Middle School math teacher Jennifer Larson are likely to leave many wondering when the mother of two finds time for sleep. Something else to puzzle over is how she would answer the question “What do you do?” Mother, math teacher, actress, writer, singer, stuntwoman, director, program leader, admissions committee member, team leader, the list goes on.

A woman of boundless energy and interests, Jennifer has put her many talents to work for Morristown Beard School, to the benefit of her students and fellow faculty members. Though she has a background in theater and the arts, she has become a student of not just math, but math education and the integration of technology in education, presenting at conferences and making professional development a priority. Since joining the MBS team, Jennifer has taken on several leadership positions, becoming the 7th and 8th grade team leader, running community service projects and the Middle School club program, working with the admissions department on information sessions and helping develop the Middle School curriculum, as well as co-coaching boy’s and girl’s tennis. She couldn’t possibly have any time left…could she? Of course she could. In her spare time, Jennifer writes short stories, is in the process of writing a sci-fi novel, has participated in spoken word storytelling performances and helped facilitate the traveling theater program at Drew University.

Larson credits a transient childhood for her adaptability and ability to put others at ease and become comfortable in new situations. Her philosophy for raising her own children as always been to care for their “mind, body and spirit” and when her daughter began attending MBS, she saw that the school’s mission was in line with hers, not just in the acronym but in the practice of educating the whole child. When the opportunity to become a Morristown Beard teacher arose, she jumped at the chance. Putting that philosophy in action for her students has meant meeting them where they are with material that is challenging but always achievable. With such a multi-talented and ambitious teacher to inspire and support them, the sky will be the limit for Jennifer Larson’s students.


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