No Better Place to Be an Educator

Picasso famously said that all children are artists, and Art and Design teacher Zach Mazouat agrees with this sentiment. Mr. Mazouat believes in giving every child he teaches the opportunity to discover and maximize their natural gifts and find the artistic outlet that best suits them. Thankfully, the small class sizes – and the breadth and depth of art resources at MBS – make it possible to do this in a way that is fun and productive for both teacher and student.

As an artist who works in various mediums himself, Mr. Mazouat is the ideal person to guide students through their exploration of the arts. Whether he is painting and drawing, delving into 3-D design, or overseeing theater production and directing performance, Mr. Mazouat is a living example to students of how the arts can influence their lives.

Beyond fine art, Mr. Mazouat is also a performer and appreciates the importance of giving students a venue through which they can share their work with the world. This past spring, patrons of the local restaurant End of Elm enjoyed several works by MBS students, and Fall 2019 will welcome an art show featuring works by Mr. Mazouat’s students to Founders Hall. Mr. Mazouat also will teach a Middle School musical theater class this year, which will present a new opportunity to put on a show as part of a class, giving all students in the class equal involvement in contributing to the success of the end product.

Mr. Mazouat enjoys exploring numerous art mediums with his students in his various classes, including Sculpture and Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, and Middle School Play. “The flexible nature of the MBS program and the small classes means we are able to try lots of different things,” he says. “I can give students the time and space to use materials thoughtfully and I can assess them based on their own personal growth rather than their ability.”

This personal attention to students is one of the standout features of MBS for Mr. Mazouat, who has experience teaching several grades at multiple schools. “At Morristown-Beard, we are able to work with each child individually, to focus on them and work on specific skills,” he explains. “This is the ideal way to teach anything, but especially art - and it’s the rule here rather than the exception. If someone doesn’t like teaching here, then they just don’t like teaching because there’s no better place to be an educator!”


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