Middle Schooler Shines on Stage and Off

In the fall of 2017, when Maya Bhide first arrived at MBS as a 7th-grader, she didn’t know if this would be the place for her. She was looking for a change from her previous school, but she wasn’t convinced that MBS would be any different. And then things started to change.

Flash forward to the end of the same school year--Maya was named a Headmaster’s Award Honoree, there is an Instagram video on the official MBS account of her singing an incredible solo number in front of the entire Middle School, and, most importantly, she’s made friends with people who get her.

“I found my group of people who have the same interests as me,” says Maya. And regarding that performance in front of ALL of her peers? Maya admits that she would have called herself a shy person at the start of this year. Yet even in her first weeks and months as an MBS student, she felt inspired by her teachers, her peers, and her surroundings, so she decided to push herself to share her singing talent with the community. During the Middle School class meeting held in recognition of Black History Month, Maya sang “Georgia on my Mind.” She wasn’t sure what to expect after putting herself out there in such a big way, and Maya admits that she had trouble imagining a positive reception. But, in reality, when she finished singing, “The room was just roaring.”

It wouldn’t be fair to Maya to suggest that her successes are in any way limited to displays of artistic or social bravery. In fact, when asked to explain what is special about her school, Maya names Spanish, Art, and Math as favorite classes. She is also enthusiastic about her teachers. When asked to elaborate Maya says “Great teachers. You are going to find someone that you will connect with here. Especially because of the teachers. They make us all feel welcome.”

As she prepares to begin her second year, it’s difficult for Maya to imagine a time when she wasn’t sure about her choice to attend MBS. “My life was changed here--both academically and socially. When I came here it opened a new world for me--a new world of opportunities and of people.”


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