Finding a Home at MBS

Entering a new school in seventh grade can be daunting for even the most confident student, but Natalie Liebowitz ’24 jumped right in at MBS, joining multiple sports teams and clubs and getting to know her teachers. 

Beginning with field hockey in the fall, Natalie quickly made close friends in her grade, and then added new friends when she played basketball in the winter and softball in the spring. Having multiple grades on the same team allowed Natalie and her teammates to branch out and meet new students beyond their own classes. When she wasn’t at sports practices or games, Natalie took advantage of the many clubs and activities available to MBS Middle School students, including composition, art and design, drawing, skiing and DIY crafts. 

In the classroom, Natalie flourished, thanks to the unique instructional styles of her teachers as well as the common practice among them to allow their students independence in their learning while never wavering in their support. “You never feel hovered over, but you know your teachers will help you if you need it and will make sure you do what needs to get done,” she said. “My teachers made me feel comfortable right away, and helped me stay organized and set goals. It definitely doesn’t feel like this was my first year at MBS.” These strong bonds with her teachers certainly paid off, as Natalie received the Headmaster’s Award during her first year as an MBS student. In retrospect, it’s easy to see why she thrived in her classes, as her coursework included engaging and interesting projects like surveying classmates to conduct a data analysis of their allowance rates. She also used UV lights in a darkened classroom to analyze the level of florescence in household products like detergents and toothpaste. 

Natalie may have been new on her first day of seventh grade, but there is no doubt now that she is right where she belongs.


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