It’s Cool to Be Kind

For Alex McMahon ’25, kindness is key. The seventh grader participates in myriad activities and excels in academics, but what stands out to him is an idea that permeates the MBS community – that “it’s cool to be kind.” Alex took on leadership roles throughout his sixth grade year, and one of the most important aspects of this was the opportunity to practice inclusivity - whether choosing others for games at recess or orchestrating a “Secret Snowflake” activity in his role as Student Government Representative for his grade. “The Secret Snowflake gave people the chance to meet kids they might not already know and make new friends,” said Alex.

Making new friends isn’t difficult for a student as involved as Alex. In addition to his role as Student Representative for his grade, he also participated in the Middle School campus newscast (MSMBS), flag football, baseball, hockey and band (playing the bassoon). A true team player, Alex received the Crimson Sportsmanship Award in both the fall and the spring for not only his athletic ability, but for his positive attitude as a teammate.

Alex has also received the Headmaster’s Award, recognizing his achievements in academics and as an outstanding member of the MBS community. He credits his teachers with much of his success both in and out of the classroom. “The teachers give you the chance to try things and figure things out as you go,” he said. “They give you the confidence to be yourself.”

Members of the MBS community should get used to hearing Alex McMahon’s name - he has big plans for his next six years at the School. In addition to playing high school sports, his goals include making the Headmaster’s List and running for SGA President.


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