A Student Leader's Vision for MBS

Had you told freshman James Cunningham that senior James Cunningham would be the president of student government, he probably would have laughed. Truth be told, James attempted to join student government as a freshman and didn’t make it. But since persistence is one of his strongest virtues, James kept at it, and eventually ended up as the SGA Secretary of Public Relations in his junior year. When last year’s president suggested that he run for the top spot, James was surprised and pleased. He found that he really enjoyed the work of representing his peers and he already had a few ambitious goals in mind.

His goals came from the broad set of experiences he’d enjoyed already at MBS. He’s the president of Latin club, he’s a rising yearbook editor, he’s becoming interested in acting after taking public speaking, and he’s a member of three different school sports teams. Needless to say, he’s met a lot of different people over the last few years and doing so has raised a flag for him.

“I want to help bring students together more” James shared. He wants it to be a universal part of the MBS experience that all students feel known and supported by their peers the way they do their teachers. Some examples of James’s ideal community would be the sports teams having fans present regardless of their record, or the actors in the student productions looking out at a packed house for every performance. In thinking back on his own experience, James shared his firm belief that “...everyone here is great, so I think they all should know each other...should all be friends.”

Truly, James has had a positive outlook on MBS for a very long time. His father, William Cunningham, is a graduate of the school, and James had a chance to see the campus and community through his eyes. “He says it’s amazing...it’s a completely different campus already. It’s nice being part of...a legacy, but I didn’t come here because of him...I came here because when I first visited, the place just spoke to me.” James looks forward to visiting in the future to see all of the updates that are already underway, but also because he just really loves his school.


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