Year-End Awards & Inductions

Middle School Awards & Accolades

Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students this year.

Although our year-end award ceremonies and celebrations will not take place in person this spring, we are committed to honoring our students’ many outstanding achievements.

Honor Society Inductees

The National Junior Honor Society was established in 1929 to recognize outstanding middle school students who have demonstrated excellence in the area of scholarship.   

Seventh and eighth grade students selected to be inducted to the National Junior Honor Society represent students who achieved a GPA of 3.80 or above for two consecutive semesters at MBS. They are the top academically achieving students of the class.

Congratulations, National Junior Honor Society inductees!

Class of 2024 Inductees

Hanzalah Bhatti
Campbell Blake
Sam Bodack
Samantha Brown
Finn Fleming
Vikrant Hajarnavis
Adin Kasmin
Alice McNamara
Jerry Meranus
Xola Moody
Ian Patchett
Angie Ramos
Emily Reitman
Daniel Sasse
Hayley Sgro
Marissa Spiteri
Kevin Tone
Samantha Yagoda

Class of 2025 Inductees

Thomas Byrne
Sloane Fiverson
Colette Gentile
Alexandra Genua
Raidah Karriem
Robert Magnotta
Anthony Pallone
Kassy Patino
Ellie Pine
Leon Sarkissian
Rebecca Stulberger
Emma Teitelbaum
Arden Upadya

Headmaster's Awards

Recipients of the Headmaster's Award set themselves apart with their strong moral character, honorable behavior, academic honesty, and kindness.

Click on the students' names to see why they were selected for the honor.

Moving Up Awards

See the students in the Class of 2024 who were chosen for year-end honors at this year's Moving Up ceremony.

Spencer Anderson

Timmy Sports Award

Campbell Blake

Mathematics Award

Samantha Brown

Leona Fagan French Award

Jack Cueto

Spanish Award

Finn Fleming

Class Leader

Adin Kasmin

Performing Arts Award

Alice McNamara

Francis Perrelly Science Award

Xola Moody

English Award

Ian Patchett

Visual/Digital Art Award

Kelsey Scully

Timmy Sports Award

Hayley Sgro

Congeniality Award

Kevin Tone

Latin Award, Class Leader

Jack Webb

Most Improved Award

Samantha Yagoda

Kay Drake History Award


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