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Welcome to Morristown Beard School

Where students in grades 6-12 begin their journey to be Powerfully Prepared for Learning and for Life

An Individual Journey
Guiding students to pursue their own unique academic pathway
Excellence in Teaching
Demonstrating passion in the continuous pursuit of new knowledge
Two students with teacher explaining a DNA model
Powerfully Prepared
Helping students become enlightened, morally-responsible citizens of the world 
A Place of Possibilities
Encouraging students to take risks and discover new talents
Exploring the World

Providing students access to rich academic, diverse, intercultural experiences

Supportive Surroundings
Providing a safe, supportive scholastic environment that engenders cooperation and leadership
Academic Rigor
Delivering a robust, forward-thinking academic program to our students
Diversity and Inclusion
Offering an education in interdependent cultures, ethnicities, genders, economies, and religions
Social-Emotional Growth
Developing the intellectual and social attitudes that students will carry into adulthood
Serving Others

Challenging students, now and later in life, to become self-reflective and aware of others’ needs

Bright Futures

Serving the college preparation process from the moment a student enrolls

Group of four students working on tablets at a student lounge area table
Educational Technology

Helping students thrive in today’s information-rich culture by using technology effectively and responsibly

Strong Inside and Out

Encouraging student athletes to find the very best in themselves

A 21st-Century Campus
Building a learning environment that sets the standard for schools in this region
Meaningful Mentorship
Learning that takes place in the context of supportive relationships

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Expert teachers who mentor, inspire, and guide

Teachers at MBS draw on their expertise, professional experience, and love of learning to ignite the curiosity of our students and foster a community of shared intellectual passions.


Meaningful learning for deep understanding

At MBS, students gain deep understanding within and across disciplines by learning how to ask questions, recognize problems, and reason with resilience, creativity, and independence.

Balance that sustains well-being and growth

Education should not be synonymous with pressure. Learning happens when students are afforded the space and support to grow into their potential.

Innovative programs and real-world experiences

Whether it's global studies or advanced classes, MBS persistently asks "what can we do that's different and better?" In the answers we've found, we have discovered new strengths and opportunities as a community.

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Community Spotlight

Making Her Own Luck

Being new is never easy, but when Whitney McDonnell ’20 came to MBS as a sophomore, she took a proactive approach to getting involved and carved out her own niche.

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Learning to Lead

Upper School student Mikail Patankar ’21, never complacent, looks to have a greater positive impact on those around him.

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Inspiring Lifelong Learners

The idea that we're students inside the classroom, but that we're always learners is central to the educational philosophy of World Languages teacher Jen Laviola.

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Jamie Siminoff '95

Undeterred after walking away with nothing from "Shark Tank", Jamie Siminoff ’95 recently sold his invention, Ring, to Amazon for more than $1 billion.

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MBS at a Glance

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