Love Letters to MBS

Oh, Morristown Beard! How do we love thee? Let us count the ways… This Valentine’s Day, our community is feeling the love. I’m not the only one with a crush on Crimson… here are just a few voices from the chorus that is the MBS community.

I like how my classes are fun. I am very excited every time I go into a class because I know my teacher has something enjoyable planned for the day.

Rahul Vaidyanathan '29
Grade 6


I love MBS because it gives me the opportunity to witness, support and engage in every aspect of student involvement. Whether it's artistically, academically, or athletically, I get the chance to connect with the students on a personal level, and I enjoy watching them grow into responsible conscientious people.

John Sheppard
Wellness, Head Baseball Coach
P '17


One thing I love about our community is the simple pleasantries that happen day-to-day. Things like friends saying “Hi” to you in the hallways, teachers asking you how you are doing, and even the security guards remembering your name go a long way to making your MBS experience better.

Patrick Woodham '23
Grade 12


What I love about MBS are the unique opportunities it offers to enhance my learning. In the fall, I took Dr. Gregory's new elective course, the History of Ancient Greece. At first, I was nervous and unsure if I would understand and enjoy the class seeing that it was not a topic I had ever thought I would study. However, after just the first class, I was completely hooked and could not wait to learn more. Dr. Gregory's exciting teaching style and energy, coupled with the new, engaging lessons, led the course to become one of my favorites I have ever taken at Morristown Beard.

Sloane Fiverson '25
Grade 10


I love the MBS value of risk taking! It’s my first year, and I'm experimenting with learning beyond the classroom. In the fall I took my Chemistry students to the Arboretum. After reading Worlds of Wonder, we practiced observing and sketching organisms in their natural habitats. The ability to step into nature, and my students' eagerness to engage in novel tasks, is one thing I already love about this community.

Sara Chuang
Science Instructor


What I love most about MBS is the community of parents, faculty and staff and students. There is a sense of belonging where everyone wants the best for your child and roots for them in every way. The opportunities that have been given to my children are so much broader and richer than I could have imagined when we started at MBS. I love that they have the opportunity to participate in so many facets of life at MBS. One does not exclude or limit the other. I love that the teachers and administrators really get to know your students and strive to bring out the best in them, giving them so much confidence along the way.

Tamara Weinmann
P '23, '25, '28


As someone who has been a part of the MBS community for many years in various capacities (history teacher, grade level dean, college counselor and parent), one of the things that I love most is the strength of our alumni network. Students from my first dean class (the Class of 2012) still return to campus in large numbers for reunions and some even reach out to me through various channels to update me on their lives or ask for my input on upcoming decisions. I see the strength of these connections through my daughter as well (class of 2017) as she and her classmates seem to share a bond long after graduation.

Joanne Goldberg
College Counselor
P '17


What I love about the Crimson community is how welcoming it is. My son started 9th grade this year and has already found a second home at MBS. I also love that the students are able to explore new interests. In his first year, my son has already tried acting, photography and will soon be starting golf. The opportunities are truly limitless!

Nicole Cicchino