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Application FAQs

What is the deadline to apply to Morristown-Beard School?

We have two admission deadlines. The Early Round deadline is open to all applicants and is non-binding for accepted students. For the early round, the application process must be completed by December 1, 2017 and notification (by mail) will be sent out by mid December. Our Regular Round deadline is also open to all applicants. For the regular round, the application process must be completed by February 2, 2018 and notifications will be sent out (by mail) in the beginning of March. Please see the Admission Process page for more information.

Does Morristown-Beard School require a student interview and visit as a part of the application process?

A student and parent interview is required in order to complete the admission process. Please call the Admission Office at 973-539-3032 ext. 516 to schedule an interview. We require that the Parent/Student Questionnaire be submitted before the interview.

Is financial aid available? How is it awarded?

Financial Aid at Morristown-Beard is awarded yearly based on a family's ability to afford tuition. It is School policy to continue aid throughout a student's time at MBS, provided that the family continues to demonstrate financial need and the student's record merits continued support. Morristown-Beard subscribes to the principles and services of Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). The parents of each applicant are required to complete the Tuition Aid Application and submit the form to TADS. A copy of the parents' W-2s as well as U.S. Federal Tax Form 1040, complete with all supporting schedules and business statements (if applicable) must be forwarded to TADS as well. Please see the Tuition and Financial Aid page for more information and deadlines.

How many spaces are available for each grade?

For the 2017-2018 school year, there will be approximately 40 spaces for 6th grade, 10 for 7th grade, and 50 for 9th grade. Spaces in 8th, 10th and 11th grade depend upon attrition of our current students. We do not accept applications for 12th grade.

Is one piece of the application more important than another?

All pieces of the application are considered equally and should demonstrate that the applicant can be successful in a rigorous college prep program.

Is transportation available?

Transportation is available through Durham School Services at an additional cost. Please contact Kathy Hemmer, Transportation Liaison, at 973-539-3032, ext. 510 for further information.

What is the total enrollment at MBS?

There are 559 students enrolled at MBS; 129 in the Middle School and 430 in the Upper School.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 12 students.

What types of academic support are available outside of the classroom?

Students are encouraged to frequent the Center for Teaching and Learning as often as they need to for extra help with homework, study skills, test-taking strategies and organization. Additionally, the Center for Academic Writing supports students, faculty, and staff from all levels and disciplines through all stages of the writing process.

MBS has extra-help time built into the block schedule, and teachers are readily available to the students throughout the academic day. There is also a peer-tutoring program on campus.

Can my child's past teachers fill out the English and Math recommendations?

The English and Math recommendations must be filled out by the applicant's current teachers. If you would like to have a past teacher fill out a recommendation for your child, please have them fill out an Optional Recommendation Form.