Student Clubs, Activities, & Spaces

Food Allergy Awareness

The Food Allergy Awareness Club aims to spread awareness about food allergies. As food allergy cases continue to rise every year, it has become an increasingly worrying issue to the extent that it is now a disability. As of now, more than 10% of people (and growing) in the US have been diagnosed with food allergies. Not only is the clubs goal to educate (all) students on how to react appropriately when one is suffering from an allergic reaction but also to create long-lasting change within the community through various initiatives.


GLOW: Girls Leading Our World

Morristown Beard School is dedicated to supporting and inspiring girls. Upper School members of GLOW hold discussions, facilitate gender workshops for students in the Middle School, and offer school-wide forums to increase awareness on topics such as domestic violence, consent, the influence of social media, and women in the workforce. Some of GLOW's recent events have included hosting successful female politicians and business people, and organizing a 5K on campus to benefit the United Nation's "Girl Up" initiative.

The Intersection

Large group of diverse Upper School students pose as a group inside a school building

The Intersection is a designated collaborative space where students can come together to share meaningful conversations, meet for club meetings, and run student-led workshops. The Intersection is equipped with resources to provide further insight into diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. It's not uncommon to walk by the space and see the STEP team practicing, or students piled on beanbags engaging in a dialogue around pressing social issues. 


Kaleidoscope is a multi-cultural diversity club that promotes awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diverse cultures on campus. Students gather to discuss topics surrounding socioeconomics and cultural identity. These students facilitate the planning of the annual MLK assembly. Participants in Kaleidoscope formed a step team, which regularly performs on-stage and at school sporting events. Upper School members of the group mentor and foster meaningful relationships with their counterparts in the Middle School Kaleidoscope club.

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is a club designed to increase awareness of and reduce stigma around mental health. Mindfulness is an integral component of our educational philosophy and students are encouraged to practice mindfulness techniques to promote balance, a feel of calm, and reduce anxiety. The club is student-led, but facilitated by one of our on-campus guidance counselors. 

Spectrum - LGBTQIA+ Group

Spectrum is a gay-straight alliance club that meets regularly to discuss LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex) topics and organize school-wide events to raise awareness and celebrate the community. Some of these events include Pride Week, Kicking the Stigma, Night of Voices, and observance of the national Day of Silence. Members of this group also participate in the New Jersey Trans Youth Forum annually.


MBS is fortunate to have its very own STEP Team, the MBS Kaleidoscope Steppers. STEP is a tradition in many Black communities with roots that can be traced back to African Zulu dances. Today, the art form is widely practiced in historically Black colleges and universities. The MBS Kaleidoscope Steppers perform during school-wide events entertain, but also raise awareness on topics surrounding the continual struggle for justice in America. 

Student Justice Committee (SJC)

The Student Justice Committee (SJC) is primarily comprised of student leaders from our GLOW, Spectrum, Mental Health Matters, and Kaleidoscope clubs. The SJC committee collaborates with the Faculty, Staff, and Administration to develop proactive curricular changes, programming, and school policies that enrich their academic experiences. All MBS students are welcome to attend SJC meetings and are invited to participate in their collective efforts.