Who to Contact

In the uncertainty of the year, please use the following as a guide for who at the School to contact under different circumstances.

Questions about Health and Wellness

Who to ask if...

...my child is ill or otherwise unable to participate in a school day

Middle School: Rose Borowsky, rborowsky@mbs.net Upper School: Denise Elliott, delliott@mbs.net

...I have any medical questions

Nurse’s Office: Bridget Marcato, bmarcato@mbs.net

...my child needs emotional or social support

Upper School Guidance/Wellness:
- Eddie Franz, efranz@mbs.net
- Jenna Sumner, jsumner@mbs.net

Middle School Guidance/Wellness: 
- Sam Tuttle, stuttle@mbs.net

Questions about Academics

Who to ask if...

...my child needs academic support?

Advisor and/or Class Instructor in relevant subject CTL learning specialist, if assigned

...my child has a question about a specific class or assignment?

Relevant class instructor

...my child needs technology help

Digital Learning Support: Caitlin Skobo-Trought, ctrought@mbs.net

...I have a question about Academic Policy and Curriculum

Director of Curriculum: Boni Luna, bluna@mbs.net Associate Director of Curriculum: Owen Boynton, oboynton@mbs.net

...I have a question about the classes my child is registered for in the coming semester or year

Director of Academic Scheduling and Analytics: Rocio Romero, rromero@mbs.net

...I have questions regarding college counseling

General Questions: Noreen Cassidy, ncassidy@mbs.net

Assigned College Counselor:
- Noreen Cassidy, ncassidy@mbs.net
- Lindsay Johnson, ljohnson@mbs.net
- Joanne Goldberg, jgoldberg@mbs.net
- Lauren Laskey, llaskey@mbs.net

...I have general questions related to my child’s Upper School experience

Advisor and Grade Dean

-9th: Kate Russo, krusso@mbs.net
-10th: Katie Pepper, kpepper@mbs.net
- 11th: Kevin McDonald, kmcdonald@mbs.net
- 12th: Lindsay Johnson, ljohnson@mbs.net

...I have a question about a particular discipline, placement, or course offerings

Relevant Department Chairs
- Art and Design: Pete Donahue, pdonahue@mbs.net
- English: Nikolin Eyrich, neyrich@mbs.net
- History: Lisa Swanson, lswanson@mbs.net
- Math: Miklos Jalics, mjalics@mbs.net
- Performing Arts: David Gold, dgold@mbs.net
- Science: Chris Payette, cpayette@mbs.net
- Wellness: Sam Tuttle, stuttle@mbs.net
- World Language: Jen Laviola, jlaviola@mbs.net

Questions about Programming or Policies

Who to ask if...

...I have a question about clubs or activities

Director of Co-Curricular Activities: Kevin McDonald, kmcdonald@mbs.net

...I have a question about athletics

Director of Athletics: Joanne Dzama, jdzama@mbs.net
Director of Middle School Athletics: Mike Sturgeon, msturgeon@mbs.net

...I have a question about diversity and inclusion or equity

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Klarissa Karosen, kkarosen@mbs.net

...I have a question about behavioral guidelines and rules

Please consult the MBS Family Handbook or contact:

Division Head
- Middle School: Boni Luna, bluna@mbs.net
- Upper School: Ryan Liese, rliese@mbs.net

Grade Dean
- Middle School: Lisa Swanson, lswanson@mbs.net
-9th: Kate Russo, krusso@mbs.net
-10th: Katie Pepper, kpepper@mbs.net
- 11th: Kevin McDonald, kmcdonald@mbs.net
- 12th: Lindsay Johnson, ljohnson@mbs.net

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