Remote Learning

Remote Learning Guidelines

Only students who have a mandated quarantine due to a COVID-19 related issue will be eligible for a 7-day or 14-day remote learning period, dependent on NJDOH guidelines.

We will not offer a remote learning option for students who may miss class for travel, college visits, athletic events, or illness unless it is directly related to a mandated COVID-19 quarantine.

Students quarantining for COVID exposure will be permitted to Zoom into class, pending approval by the division head (Ryan Liese or Boni Luna).

Teachers do not need to have Zoom running at the start of class and should not do so, unless they have been informed by the division office or grade deans that a student in their class is "Zooming in" due to a required COVID quarantine. Students should not be admitted to Zoom classes unless they or their parents/guardians have reached out to the division head and received permission.

Remote students can be provided with asynchronous work or with independent work to be carried out during class if they cannot participate in activities remotely (e.g. science labs).

Caitlin Skobo-Trought, Director of Academic Technology, is available to assist with any technology questions.

Any student learning remotely should have their camera on. Students without cameras on will not be considered remote learners and will be marked absent unless there is prior communication from the student.

Guidelines for Attending Classes Remotely

During the period of remote learning, the policies in the current Family Handbook remain valid. Students and families are responsible for adhering to School policies for remote learning. Students who are learning remotely while school is in session on campus are expected to attend each class and advisory on time. The Family Handbook section on Student Conduct, Citizenship, and Disciplinary Consequences holds whether students are on campus or remote. Students not adhering to the following protocols can be marked absent. 

Use of Zoom Software

Students in a Zoom class are expected to have their cameras and microphones on, so teachers may ask students to turn cameras and microphones on. No avatars are permitted. If students would prefer a virtual background, the School will make a selection available. Students must choose a virtual background from the official School selection.

Remote Dress Code and Learning Environment

Students are expected to follow the dress code.

Students are expected to be situated in a place appropriate to work: sitting upright before a clear surface with space for their technology, books, and other materials in a space as quiet as they can find.


Protocol for students arriving more than five minutes late to Zoom sessions:

First time: teacher will contact student after class
Second time: teacher will contact student, advisor, and class dean
Third time: teacher will send a PCF
Fourth time: student will be marked absent

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