Facilities & Operations

Cleaning Protocol

MBS will provide deeper, more frequent cleaning and disinfecting throughout campus.

Key efforts:

  • Classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by our cleaning service at least once a day.
  • In science classes, where students are handling lab equipment and other shared materials, students will wear nitrile gloves.
  • Water fountains/stations will continue to be sanitized regularly; we will cover/disable mouth dispensers so only the bottle-filling option is available.
Classroom Spaces

Our aim is to use classroom spaces in a way that conforms with the applicable guidelines.

  • Desks and tables in the classroom will face in the same direction
  • Wherever possible, seating will be spaced to allow for the recommended social distancing.
  • Spaces such as Kirby Chapel, the Boardroom, the Dining Hall, and gyms will be repurposed to serve as additional or alternative classroom spaces as needed
Moving Throughout the School
  • All Middle School students will enter through Founders Hall for temperature and mask checks.
  • All Upper School students will enter through Grant Hall and go left upon entering the building for temperature and mask checks.
  • Students who arrive late will sign in at their division office and will have a temperature and mask check when they sign in.
Air Purification

Our goal is to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by supplying the cleanest and high- est quality air possible throughout campus.

Key Efforts:

  • High efficiency HVAC systems are in place in all buildings
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Air Purification Systems and UV-C systems installed in all buildings will scrub the air and dramatically reduce the viral load in the air

Dining services will return to a much more typical selection of food.

In order to keep unmasked students in cohorts, to start the year, students will eat lunch in their advisory locations.

Water and juice stations will be available in the cafeteria. We will no longer be providing students with disposable plastic water bottles. Students should bring refillable water bottles to school.


According to CDC policies, masks are required on all buses, regardless of vaccination status. To the extent possible, maximize physical distancing between students on buses. However, the capacity constraints on buses have been eliminated.

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