Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Experiential learning is central to the future of MBS and forms a cornerstone of the newest Strategic Plan, as we aspire to help students make connections between their classes and the world beyond school.

Fortunately, MBS has a strong network of parents and alumni, with varied interests, experiences, and areas of expertise, many of which would no doubt help inspire our students to see new value and meaning in what they are learning and where it could take them in the near and long term.

We would love to have you bring your knowledge, know-how, and passion to the students in our newest signature program, the Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program (ICP).

The program offers pathways for students eager to explore an aspect of the world that transcends single classes, disciplines, and extracurricular pursuits. Students may apply for any one of three concentration pathways at the end of freshman year: “Arts and Innovation,” “Global Citizenship,” and “Ethics, Leadership, Justice.” 

Working weekly with a concentration advisor and cohort of peers, students will progress through sophomore, junior, and senior year committing to discussions, electives, retreats, community service opportunities, and independent projects that further their journey down a concentration pathway into the complexities of our twenty-first century world.

If you are interested in volunteering to Zoom with students for 20-45 minutes in the fall, please email us at icp@mbs.net.

In addition to speaking to groups of students, there may be opportunities to speak to individual students. If you could provide us with which concentration area(s) you believe you could best speak to, that would be of help as we plan. Speaking to students could be a one-time commitment or something more, depending on interest. At this stage, we are gathering information and will be looking to solidify plans for the first speakers in the coming months.

We are excited at the prospect of your involvement in our new signature program.

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