The Benefits of a Private School Education

When it comes to choosing the right school for your child, there are many factors to consider.

Here we explore some of the top benefits of a private school education, like the experience offered at Morristown-Beard School.

Excellent Teachers

Teachers at private schools typically have advanced degrees in their area. At MBS, this holds true, as 72 percent of the faculty have such degrees. Many also have years of real-world experience in their field, which takes their teaching from the theoretical to something much more concrete and enriches what they bring into the classroom.

Class Size

Small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios encourage close connections between faculty and students. MBS has a 7:1 student-teacher ratio. In addition, MBS developed a daily schedule with time built in specifically to allow for teachers and students to meet one-on-one for academic support and/or independent studies. With this added time, teachers at private schools can develop a full understanding of each student’s learning style, interests, and motivation. 

Community Feel

The MBS community is open, warm, and supportive. As a result, it is highly empowering, and students thrive because they feel at home and at ease. For many students, the sense of community is a highlight of their time with us. Watch Ethan, from the Class of 2019, discuss what community at MBS means to him.

Curriculum and Courses

Independent schools have their own unique curricular philosophy, values, and approach to teaching, which is very often a differentiator when comparing private schools and public schools. 

Private schools like Morristown-Beard push the boundaries of their teaching and learning and are innovative in their approach. The Signature Programs at Morristown-Beard are built upon the latest forward-thinking academic research and demonstrate this forward-thinking approach. Their impact is evident. They are one important reason why our students report high levels of preparedness (and consequently, achievement) through college and beyond.

Exceptional Facilities

Private schools have the financial support from their administration and community to continuously improve and expand their facilities to provide an optimal learning environment for their students. Morristown-Beard School has dedicated $50 million over the past 15 years to 16 major building and renovation projects.  

Our most recent projects include the construction of a 25,000-square-foot Math & Science Center and a  2,000-square-foot Center for Innovation & Design, the installation of the Science on a Sphere® learning tool, and significant renovations to our Athletic fields and facilities. Learn more about our 21st-Century campus.

Global Studies

Independent schools can give students opportunities to be more active within their communities – both locally and globally. At MBS, this includes academic learning experiences outside of the classroom, community service opportunities, service trips to other countries, studying abroad, and more. Take a deeper dive into our Global Studies and Community Service programs. 

College Counseling

Typically private schools have smaller class sizes, so their college counselors have a smaller, select group of students to work with, and more one-one-one time to focus on choosing the right college for students and to dedicate to the application preparation and submission process. Here at MBS our college counselors work with about 25-28 students. Find out more about our College Counseling department.

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