Students Feed the Homeless in NYC

Students Feed the Homeless in NYC

MBS students volunteer with Bridges Outreach

On Wednesday night, December 19th, MBS students helped feed the homeless as they volunteered on a “Bridges run” outside of Penn Station in New York City.

The students met in the MBS Dining Hall during Collaborative Period and made more than 100 lunches. Upon completion, the students traveled to New York, where they handed out the lunches to very thankful men, women and children. 

Each student left feeling satisfied that they were able to make a difference in someone's life and give back to the community. Each year, as part of community service club, students go on three “Bridges runs” to help the homeless. They help to fulfill Bridges Outreach, Inc.'s philosophy to "bring the housed and homeless together."

MBS students and faculty who participated were: Lucas Hunkins, Theo Hunkins, Teddy Koide, Adam Giaquinto, Ari Bersch, Mr. Andrew Holbrook, and Ms. Rachel Platt.