Diversity & Inclusion at MBS

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Morristown-Beard School believes that an education for the twenty-first century is an education in interdependent cultures, ethnicities, genders, economies, and religions. Our students are encouraged to recognize that we live in a world of inherent diversity, and to imaginatively reflect on what it means to act responsibly in and upon such a world. Drawing inspiration from the freedom and values of the School’s curricular philosophy, faculty and students at Morristown-Beard School come together inside and outside of the classroom to create an inclusive community of understanding.

Our Community

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Morristown-Beard School views its commitment to diversity as an ongoing process of community-wide education. The Social Justice Committee at MBS initiates and coordinates efforts among students, faculty, and parents aimed at promoting the ideals of equity (fairness) and inclusion. Student-led groups, including GLOW (Girls Leadership, Outreach, and Worth), Spectrum (LGBTQA), Kaleidoscope (multi-cultural diversity club), Amnesty International, and the MBS Progressive club, hold regular discussions, organize events, and engage with the broader community to address the experience of students at school and beyond. A student gives a speech at a podium Our students, along with faculty members, attend The Student Diversity Leadership Conference annually. Faculty and staff at MBS are encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities that address diversity, social justice, and inclusion. Faculty members strive to understand the role of diverse perspectives in what they teach and how students learn. MBS offers community members opportunities to expand their cultural competencies through Social Justice Parent Discussion Forums, organized annually by a cohort of parents in collaboration with the Social Justice Committee. The Multicultural Collaborative Group is an MBS parent group that seeks to build multicultural responsivity and inclusion at MBS. Our parent groups all seek to advocate for strategies that promote inclusion and support diversity.

The Social Justice Committee

Advisors from Kaleidscope, Spectrum, Girls Leadership, Director of CTL, Head of Upper and Middle School, college guidance representative, and middle and upper school teachers

Group shot of the Social Justice Committee members
2/7 Senior administrators
are people of color.
Students of color stats
MS-26.4% US-18.5%

Student Groups

Spectrum- LGBTQ group

Spectrum is a group of students that meets regularly to discuss LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) issues that are happening peissues such as anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying and harassment, as well as provide a safe space for LGBTQ students and their allies. The group participates in national observances such as Ally Week and the Day of Silence; these events are designed to educate the community and reduce discrimination. Spectrum's ultimate goal is to help individuals feel safe and accepted for being who they are.

Kaleidoscope – Multi-Cultural Diversity Club

Kaleidoscope is the multi-cultural diversity club at the Morristown-Beard School. It is dedicated to creating and sustaining acceptance throughout the student body. Its main goal is to develop a space where students feel safe to share their own perspectives within the School environment. Each year it sends select students to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference and hosts its very own Diversity Summit. The Diversity Summit attracts students from independent schools from all around northern New Jersey to come and enjoy a guest speaker and student lead breakout groups.

GLOW- Girls Leadership, Outreach and Worth

is dedicated to supporting girls and inspiring them. The group also organizes educational forums that promote an understanding of the role of women in society. The group works with our Upper School girls’ leadership group GLOW.

Progressive Club

The MBS Progressive Club brings together students who seek to further the cause of social justice through political activism and engagement. Students meet regularly, organize events, and work to engage the broader MBS community in conversations about equity and inclusiveness in political and social systems.

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is a club designed to increase awareness of Mental Health issues across our campus. Headed by a student, Katharine Bernstein, our mission is to support and provide services and education to all students. We aim to break down barriers and stigmas encountered by students dealing with mental health isssues

Activities This Year

  • Student Leadership Diversity Conference Student Diversity Conference
  • All-School MLK Day assembly
  • Girls Leadership workshops and panel discussions
  • Girl Up 5K Run
  • Faculty/student discussions based on The Danger of a Single Story and the documentary 13th
  • People of Color Conference for teachers
  • Gender & Sexuality Workshop for teachers
  • Social Justice Parent Discussion Forum
  • Multicultural Parent Collaborative Meetings

Director of Diversity and Inclusion,Klarissa Karosen

Klarissa Karosen
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

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