Clubs & Activities

Beyond class, MBS students take part in many clubs and activities, and their involvement fuels a powerful School spirit.

Co-curricular opportunities include everything from a Student Government Association with a real voice in school life to an honored literary magazine, to the Sustainability Club, the Film Club, and Young Men of Color. Students dedicate thousands of hours to community service, whether launching blood drives on campus or spring break service trips to other states. They also turn out in enthusiastic numbers for Coffee House and mini-concerts in Wilkie Hall and our Contemporary Music Workshops—two annual blockbuster performance events spotlighting MBS talent. Like so many school activities, these events are organized and run by students, reflecting their energy and ideas.

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Student Leaders: J. Fazio, A. Detre

Faculty Advisor: C. Fleming

The Adopt-a-Trail club is dedicated to cleaning and maintaining a trail of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum by holding several cleanups each year. Volunteers clear brush, litter, and move fallen trees in addition to distributing trail maps to hikers and repairing trail signs. The club offers service hours to Middle and Upper School volunteers and also welcomes participation from other members of the MBS community.

Aikido Club

Student Leaders: T. Wong

Faculty Advisor: C. Teasdale

Amnesty International

Student Leaders: L. Smith

Faculty Advisor: K. Karosen

Anglers Club

Student Leaders: J. Rogala, G. Hutchinson

Faculty Advisor: D. Burns

Architecture & Engineering

Student Leaders: J. DePoalo, J. Trombetta, G. Burke

Faculty Advisor: M. Wilson

Blood Drive

Student Leaders: Drive Dependent

Faculty Advisor: L. Hartman

Student coordinators and captains work closely with a faculty advisor each year to organize fall and spring blood drives at MBS. Tasks include calling potential donors, organizing baked good donations, and being a positive presence at the drives to put donors at ease during their donation. Student positions are open to juniors and seniors.

Book Club

Student Leaders: I. Silver, C. Norteman

Faculty Advisor: J. Warner

Business, Finance, & Investment

Student Leaders: M. Nagpal, C. O'Connor

Faculty Advisor: R. Kamil, R. Kenny

The BFI Club offers opportunities for students to learn about various aspects of business, finance, and investment. Students discuss current events affecting international markets, take field trips to financial institutions, and host on-campus speakers who are leaders in their fields.


Student Leaders:R. Carchia, Z. Esposito, D. DiPalo

Faculty Advisor: T. Rusnack

CMW offers the opportunity for all students with an interest in expressing their musical talents to gain experience in planning and participating in two concerts per year. The fall and spring concerts showcase diverse styles of music with playlists that are chosen by the students themselves.

Chess Club

Student Leaders:I. Silver, C. Norteman

Faculty Advisor: J. Warner

Chess Club offers students an opportunity to apply critical thinking skills in a relaxed environment along with some friendly competition. Events are held regularly during activities periods and are open to all students.

Community Service Club

Student Leader: G. Hromin, P. Easley

Faculty Advisor: A. Deventer

The Community Service Club is an officially chartered community service club that is recognized internationally. This club organizes all community service projects for the school, including our successful Thanksgiving Food Drive. It also provides community service opportunities from outside the school community to help students find ways in which they can volunteer. They have also created a new event, the spring carnival, which is open to the community at large and all money made goes to a selected charity.

Conservatives Club

Student Leaders: B. Kernan, P. Giaquinto

Faculty Advisor: T. Rusnack


Student Leaders: L. Mennen

Faculty Advisor: N. Marone


Student Leaders: P. Williams, M. Smith

Faculty Advisor: B. Krauss

Crimsingers is a co-ed a cappella group open to all Upper School students that meets one evening per week to rehearse unaccompanied song selections, which are chosen by the students themselves. The group holds one performance each year in the spring.

Crimson Sun

Student Leaders: R. Tone

Faculty Advisor: O. Boynton


Student Leaders: J. Kirsch, B. Kernen

Faculty Advisor: A. Holbrook

Forensics is a competitive public speech and debate club, where students attend competitions and compete in various categories including duo interpretation, humorous and dramatic interpretation, prose, original oratory, and debate. This club requires students to practice outside of club meetings in order to prepare for competitions. More information can be found at the National Forensics League website,, and the New Jersey Forensics League website,

Equestrian International

Student Leaders: C. DeMatheis, S. Antico, A. Scully

Faculty Advisor: A. De la Torre

Film Club

Student Leaders: J. Levy

Faculty Advisor: C. Zavorskas

Filmmaking Club

Student Leaders:E. Kim, R. Carchia

Faculty Advisor: C. Finn

Founders Keepers

Student Leaders: R. Carchia, R. Tone, L. Mennen

Faculty Advisor: S. Speidel

Founders Keepers is Morristown-Beard's theater club. The club participates in both on and off-campus theater events and takes trips to Broadway and regional theaters. The club also sponsors on-campus visits from guest artists and participates in the annual STANJ theater competition.

French Club

Presidents are: P. Easley, L. Madden

Advisor Dr. Gorica Hadzic

Future Lawyers

Student Leaders: A. Martino

Faculty Advisor:B. Merry

Future Physicians of America

Student Leaders: J. Blackwood, H. Bari

Faculty Advisor: M. Milinkovic

Global Affairs

Student Leaders: E. Kenny

Faculty Advisor:R. Kenny

GLOW-Girls Leadership Outreach and Worth

Student Leaders: Z. Grebin, A. Shah

Faculty Advisors: Z. Jameson and N. Eyrich

Girls Leadership Group is dedicated to supporting girls and inspiring them. The group also organizes educational forums that promote an understanding of the role of women in society. The group works with our Upper School girlsí leadership group GLOW.

Green Team

Student Leaders: R. Reiter, L. Pych, K. Heher

Faculty Advisor: J. Yuhas

Habitat for Humanity

Student Leader: H. Cadeau, M. Corcoran

Faculty Advisor: A. Deventer

Habitat for Humanity is a community service club that is based around its yearly trip to build houses for low-income families in need. This club is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that builds and repairs houses around the world through volunteer work. This club also meets to discuss opportunities in our community to help the Habitat organization.

Hiking Club

Student Leaders: P. Williams

Faculty Advisor: M. Jalics


Student Leader: T. Valentine, P. Easley, E. Kim

Faculty Advisor: L. Harrison

Kaleidoscope is the multi-cultural diversity club at the Morristown-Beard School. It is dedicated to creating and sustaining acceptance throughout the student body. Its main goal is to develop a space where students feel safe to share their own perspectives within the School environment. Each year it sends select students to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference and hosts its very own Diversity Summit. The Diversity Summit attracts students from independent schools from all around northern New Jersey to come and enjoy a guest speaker and student lead breakout groups.

Latin Club

Student Leaders: J. Cunningham, J. Cohen

Faculty Advisor: M. McGrann

The Latin Club provides an opportunity for students who are interested in elements of Roman culture to gather and learn more. Club members need not be Latin students! The club hosts such activities as a Roman banquet and chariot races.

Lifiting Club

Student Leaders: D. Levine, M. Lindberg, C. Fagan

Faculty Advsior: K. Augustyniak


Student Leaders: B. Kernen, Z. grebin

Faculty Advisor: A. Williamson

Matheny is one of the valuable and widely cherished service clubs that Morristown Beard has to offer. On Monday afternoons, a group of student and teacher volunteers drives to the Matheny Medical and Education Center in Peapack, New Jersey. Matheny is a home and school for mentally disabled children and adults. The club engages in singing, dancing and playing games with the residents there. We have unlimited spots and look forward to more wonderful Middle and Upper school volunteers!

Mental Health Matters

Student Leaders: K. Bernstein, E. Reinhardt

Faculty Advisor: J. Sumner

Model Congress

Student Leaders: I. Silver

Faculty Advisor: B. Merry

Model UN

Student Leaders: C. Norteman, P. Giaquinto

Faculty Advisor: T. Hannigan

The Model United Nations Club at Morristown Beard is an organization dedicated towards the better understanding of contemporary international issues as well as the United Nations. The club is presided over by the guiding principle of cooperation in an increasingly uncooperative international community. It is therefore our goal to further the spirit of compassion, cooperation, and community while simultaneously applying methods of critical thinking in order to resolve international conflicts. The club acts as a safe environment for those committed to the effort to create a more peaceful world for all. The club participates in, on average, two conferences coordinated by the respected organization, IDIA.

Peer Tutors

Faculty Advisor: K. Pepper

Ping Pong Club

Student Leaders: S. Popat, E. Davison

Faculty Advisor: K. McDonald

Photography Club

Student Leaders: Sit,B.. Diggs, K. Harris

Faculty Advisor:

Quiz Bowl

Student Leaders: J. Kat

Faculty Advisor: A. Gregory

Quiz Bowl gives students the opportunity to use their knowledge in a fun and competitive series of matches. Though our yearly highlight is the Long Island tournament, we also go to many other events throughout the year. Students are broken down into A, B, and C teams by skill, allowing both the devotee and the dabbler to have fun at the matches. The club's members practice regularly when we are participating in the New Jersey Challenge, a televised show highlighting New Jersey’s top schools facing off answering trivia questions from all fields of knowledge.

Ski Club

Student Leaders: A. Penizotto, J. Goryeb

Faculty Advisor: J. Sumner, B. Merry

Ski Club was created for those who have an interest in skiing or snowboarding in a non-competitive environment. Members can either Snowboard or Ski on our weekly trips to Mountain Creek. From late January to early March the group leaves after school on Fridays and provides and opportunity for students in our community to engage in skiing or snowboarding, interact with new and old friends and relax on the mountain. Each participant of the Club is expected to contribute to the bussing fee, as well as register for their ticket under the group login on the web site. The Club is very relaxed and provides a great experience for those who are experienced or have never skied or snowboarded before.

Spanish Club

Student Leaders: L. Pinkin, C. Pompeo

Faculty Advisor: A. Pardo

STANJ (The Speech and Theatre Association of New Jersey)

Student Leaders: L. Mennen

Faculty Advisor: S. Speidel

Standard Candle

Student Leader: R. Tone, E. Buscemi, Q. Harris

Faculty Advsior: D. Lovelock

Support our Troops

Student Leaders: A. Walsh-Kelly

Faculty Advisor: M. Ehrenfeld


Student Leaders: J. Lawrence, J. Steker

Faculty Advisor: Mr. McGrann

Spectrum is a group of students that meets regularly to discuss LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) issues that are happening in our world today. The club’s goal is to help students and faculty become aware of issues such as anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying and harassment, as well as provide a safe space for LGBTQ students and their allies. The group participates in national observances such as Ally Week and the Day of Silence; these events are designed to educate the community and reduce discrimination. Spectrum's ultimate goal is to help individuals feel safe and accepted for being who they are.

Weather Services Club

Student Leaders: O. Braunstein

Faculty Advisor: J. Yuhas

The Morristown-Beard Weather Services club studies meteorology on campus, and across the United States. There are three active branches: broadcasting, coding/programming, and social media. Our broadcasters create forecasts which are shared with the entire school at morning meetings. Students work with devices such as CO2 monitors and Raspberry Pis to gather data on campus. Club members integrate meteorology into the school community and share weather information through the MBS app.

Middle School Club Period

The Middle School offers a club rotation three times per year to coincide with the Athletic cycle. Clubs meet every Thursday after recess. Below is a sample list of club offerings:

  • Yearbook
  • MS MBS
  • Foreign Language Club
  • Open Art Studio
  • Walking in the Arboretum Club
  • Finance/Investing Club
  • Invention
  • Coding
  • Fantasy Football
  • March Madness

Middle School Clubs

GLOW-Girls Leadership Outreach and Worth

Student Leaders: J. Papas

Faculty Advisor: S. Sweeney and S. Tassinari

Girls Leadership Group is dedicated to supporting girls and inspiring them. The group also organizes educational forums that promote an understanding of the role of women in society. The group works with our Upper School girlsí leadership group GLOW.

Middle School Leadership

Faculty Advisor: Lisa Swanson

Middle School Leadership collaborates with our Dean of Students to run the weekly Morning Meeting, plan student events, and represent the student body.

Ski Club

Faculty Advisor: Rob Mead

Snowboarders and skiers head for Ski Shawnee during the season on Fridays. The club makes seven trips, weather permitting, in January and February.

New Jersey Consortium for Gifted and Talented Program

Faculty Advisor: Soni Dougherty

MBS students engage in a variety of events hosted by Consortium member schools. Annual activities include spelling bees, chess tournaments, World Culture Day, Problem Solving, Debate, and many more.

Crimson Ambassadors

Faculty Advisor: Meg Ahern

Crimson Ambassador Program invites students to represent the Middle School at Admission events. Students host, give tours, and work to introduce new students to the school.

Middle School House System

Faculty Advisor: Susan Glover

The Middle School House System dates back to the Miss Beard School for Girls and the Morristown School for Boys. The Athenians and the Spartans were Houses from Miss Beard School and the Whippanies and Shogums were from the Morristown School for Boys. Under the direction of former Headmaster Dr. Curtis, the four houses were reestablished in the eighth grade. Since then, the eighth grade class participates in a series of team building competitions that promote school spirit. The sixth and seventh grades join the eighth grade twice a year between sports seasons to participate in a series of fun competitions.

In the spring members of the twelfth grade who were in the Middle School join the eighth grade houses to which they were members and compete against one another for the Legacy Cup.

The culmination of the competitions is the awarding of the House Cup during the Moving Up Breakfast.

Math Buddies

Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Dubeck

Eighth grade Math Buddies provide extra help in math to sixth grade students. Students meet during recess in the sixth grade classroom.

Boys & Girls Workshop

Faculty Advisor: Sam Tuttle, Sara Alders, and Suzanne Sweeney

The Boys and Girls Workshops are organized twice per year by the school counselor and the Girls Leadership Coordinators. The aim of the program is to dedicate time during the school year to have in-depth conversations on relevant topics such as girl’s body image, portrayals in the media of manhood, the concept of gratitude, and self-image. All students and teachers participate in the workshops.

Afterschool Program

Faculty Advisor: Jenifer Larson

The After School Program gives students an opportunity to learn and socialize with classmates from every grade. The program offers our students an array of activities that range from Movie Night, Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing, Hobby Tech, and a range of Friday night outings.