Athletics at MBS

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At MBS, athletics is an integral part of the life of the school. More than 80 percent of our students play at least one sport, and many head coaches also serve as faculty members. As a result, what happens on the playing field every afternoon becomes a natural extension of the learning day. Our athletes honor the same values we embrace in the classroom. Our coaches aspire to the same ideals as our teachers: to help all our young people find the very best in themselves.

Counting teams at the varsity, JV, freshman, and Middle School levels, MBS fields some 50 squads in 20 sports. We encourage students to try out for a for a team, whether they are an accomplished athlete or new to a sport. While our goal is to support all our student-athletes, please be aware that a number of our programs have roster limitations due to state regulations, venue, or transportation concerns. Our program is not only inclusive, but also excellent, vying consistently for conference and state titles and sending multiple athletes on to NCAA College level programs each year.

Our Sports by Season

Please look through our sports offerings broken down by season. M/S=Middle School U/S=Upper School


  • CrossCountry-MS/US
  • Field Hockey-MS/US
  • Football-US
  • Boys Soccer-MS/US
  • Girls Soccer-MS/US
  • Girls Tennis-MS/US
  • Volleyball-US


  • Swimming-MS/US
  • Boys Basketball-MS/US
  • Girls Basketball-MS/US
  • Boys Hockey-MS/US
  • Girls Hockey-US
  • Indoor Track-US
  • Ski-US


  • Baseball-MS/US
  • Softball-MS/US
  • Boys Lacrosse-MS/US
  • Girls Lacrosse-MS/US
  • Track and Field-MS/US
  • Boys Tennis-MS/US
  • Golf-US
Girl in soccer uniform run with a ball in the air

Mission Statement

Athletics are a vital part of the Morristown-Beard experience. Our department embraces the entire community, including students, faculty, staff and parents by creating opportunities to play, coach or otherwise support our teams. We put great emphasis on participation, with an unwavering commitment to the fundamental values of fair play and sportsmanship.

MBS athletics promote the physical and educational well being of student-athletes by reflecting the highest standards of dignity and honor that characterize competitive sports in a school setting.

The Department of Athletics provides quality facilities, an outstanding staff, and an environment conducive to the enrichment of community life on campus.

At Morristown-Beard, participation in athletics goes hand-in-hand with academic growth. Students learn how to compete effectively and with integrity in any setting, how to be a contributing member of a team, how to provide leadership, and how to be resilient after defeat or victory. We believe that these lessons, along with those learned in the MBS classroom, instill and strengthen the values that will lead to personal and professional fulfillment.

While these core values help to develop our students' intrinsic worth, it is our authentic relationships between athletes and coaches that is the flagship of our atheltic program. These relationships are built on honesty, trust, and commitment between all members of every team and are the invisible force behind the years of success and tradition of Morristown-Beard School's athletic program.

A boy wearing baseball uniform throws a pitch

Program Philosophy


Varsity teams are designed for competitive athletes who demonstrate a high level of skill in their particular sport. The goal of these programs is to present the most competitive teams that MBS can offer while maintaining a strong emphasis on sportsmanship, respect and responsibility towards coaches, teammates, officials and opponents.

Junior Varsity:

Junior Varsity teams are designed for athletes who want to participate and improve their skills in an interscholastic team sport. These programs are designed to help grow and nurture our student-athletes so that they may go on to play at the varsity level. At this level, playing time for all team members is emphasized so that everyone is given a chance to participate.


Freshman teams are designed strictly for athletes in the 9th grade class. Those who participate at this level are looking to improve their skills and compete against same-aged student-athletes. These programs are designed to help grow and nurture our student-athletes so that they may go on to play at the JV and V level. At this level, playing time for all team members is emphasized so that everyone is given a chance to participate. Not all programs at MBS field freshman level teams.

Middle School:

Morristown-Beard Middle School Athletic Program is to provide a sports program that emphasizes the development of the student athlete academically, emotionally, socially and physically. Coaches stress the virtues of sportsmanship, commitment, integrity and teamwork in a supportive and empathic environment.

Student athletes learn the values of participating in sports and physical activities. In the Morristown-Beard Middle School athletics program students will learn to appreciate honest competition based on the rules of the game. They are expected give their best effort win or lose. Student athletes will learn to respect the sport they play and all who grant that opportunity to play.

Boy with Hockey stick and puck skating on ice