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MBS consistently lands conference and state titles and sends athletes to college level programs each year.



The MBS sports program brings together many strengths: excellent coaching, high levels of student participation, an emphasis on the development of each athlete, and a steadfast commitment to sportsmanship.

The athletic program welcomes multi-sport athletes and encourages new competitors looking to build skills which are valued in our sub varsity programs.  At the varsity level, our goal is to build high level performance.  Our athletic program is not only inclusive, but competitive.  Our teams strive consistently for conference and state titles and send athletes to collegiate level programs each year.

Teams, Coaches, and Championships


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Athletics Program Philosophy

All coaches are expected to continue to develop the skills and abilities of their student-athletes, as well as the fundamentals appropriate to the degree of competition. Coaches’ expectations of student-athletes and playing time are different for each sport program and each team within the program.

Regardless of the level of play, all Crimson student-athletes are expected to attend all practices/team sessions, develop their skills, increase game knowledge, demonstrate good sportsmanship and commit to the concept of team over individual.

The following are general guidelines related to team selection and programmatic goals, objectives and philosophies. Based on participation numbers, some programs will have a freshman team, while others may have JV and varsity only.  Other programs may have sub-varsity teams divided by developmental levels depending on the needs of the specific program and the athletes.