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Archana Sankar

Archana Sankar
Science, Middle School Director of Student Life
Upper School, Middle School

When Archana joined the Morristown Beard School Science Department, she brought her twenty years of teaching experience (both in the United States and internationally) to the MBS community.

Archana taught grades two through twelve in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States before arriving at MBS to teach in both the Middle and Upper Schools. She earned her undergraduate degree in Life Sciences from Mumbai University, and continued her education by earning a Master’s degree in Science from the same institution. Afterwards, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she completed a post-graduate certificate of education.

Archana maintains an ongoing interest in current scientific research, and applies this learning to her work in curricular design for the sciences. Beyond the classroom, she is involved in the School’s social justice projects, overseeing the Middle School student diversity group, Kaleidoscope. She also serves as a member of the Social Justice Committee.