Signature Programs

Hero Treatment

An MBS class visiting the Museum of Natural History.
Meaningful Intellectual Challenge

Signature programs cultivate high levels of preparedness through college and beyond.

At MBS, each student is empowered to discover an intellectual pathway that excites and inspires them. Our signature programs support our students on their journeys, providing them with a wide range of options for learning as well as the support and structure needed to take advantage of those options.

Middle School

As educators, we know that the intellectual development and emotional growth of our students in grades 6 through 8 is essential to their search for their identities as they define themselves in terms of new relationships and roles with peers and adults.

Both in and beyond our Middle School classrooms, learning for our students includes a strong social and emotional foundation as we deepen their awareness of self and others, and help them form a sense of how they might contribute to and flourish in the world. Our Signature Programs promote that development in ways that reinforce and build on traditional learning models. Through our Signature Programs, your child will be inspired to explore, discover, and act.

Upper School

The Upper School  at MBS features an ever-evolving group of Signature Programs built upon forward-thinking academic research.

We continually seek to push the boundaries of our teaching and learning, and our Signature Programs reflect this commitment. Our Signature Programs are an important reason why our students report high levels of preparedness (and consequently, achievement) through college and beyond.

Signature Programs

Advanced Topics

Advanced Topics foreground critical thought and discussion, requiring students both to think across disciplinary boundaries and to engage in college-level readings and arguments.

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Independent Studies

Our Independent Study program encourages Upper School students to explore areas of interest that fall outside the traditional course catalog.

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English Workshop

MBS provides students in 7th and 8th grade with intensive writing workshop periods that supplement their regular English classes.

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Humanities Program

This integrated Upper School curriculum, global in perspective, will allow your student to make new and surprising connections among different cultures.

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Earned Honors Model

Upper School has created a model in many classes whereby students are given the opportunity to earn honors on the basis of the work they produce.

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Advanced Studies Program

The Upper School offers a suite of discipline-specific, year-long Advanced Studies (AS) courses that equal or exceed AP courses as rigorous alternatives to the standardized AP curriculum.

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