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The Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program at MBS

The Interdisciplinary Concentrations Program (ICP) offers pathways for students eager to explore an aspect of the world that transcends single classes, disciplines,
and extracurricular pursuits.

After applying for the program and participating in a panel interview during their Freshman year, students will progress through a rotation of four Concentration pathways during their Sophomore year: “Arts and Innovation,” “Global Citizenship,” “Ethics, Leadership, Justice,” and "Data Analysis and Research Methods." 

Having chosen one of these concentrations, students then move through Junior and Senior year committing to community service opportunities, electives, discussions, retreats, and independent projects that further their journey down a concentration pathway into the complexities of our twenty-first century world.

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The Concentrations



Cultivates in students the mindset and know-how necessary for cross-cultural understanding of global phenomena.

Arts &

Inspires students to bring processes and practices of creativity and design to the world's pressing problems and enduring questions.

Leadership, Justice

Fosters ethical and moral reasoning in response to challenges confronting 21-century leaders.

Data Analysis &
Research Methods

From hard sciences to global trends, students will learn to capture and manipulate raw data, investigating a variety of topics.


How They Unfold


Grade 9

Initial point of entry in spring of freshman year. Based on academic and extracurricular experiences. Students apply to the program and take part in a panel interview.

Grades 10

Students rotate through each of the four cohorts, participating in weekly, advisor-led meetings, elective options, summer work, speaker series, and off-campus programs.

Grade 11

Having chosen a cohort, students then begin work on an experiential, collaborative project. They develop skills in team work, designing and executing events, public speaking, presenting to clients and practicing activism/raising awareness.

Grade 12

Students assume leadership role, mentor underclassmen, increase their own level of rigor, and prioritize relevant electives. Culminates with senior project and community presentation.


What They Encompass



Service learning, internships, summer work, and senior projects.


Adopt a common language while examining case studies that apply concepts from areas of study.

Real World

Speaker series, travel opportunities, conferences, and off-campus programming.


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