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Ever-Changing Technology
We are committed to helping students thrive in today’s information-rich culture by using technology effectively.

At Morristown Beard School, we are discovering that constructing curriculum in the Digital Age is a complex process that both demands and elicits creativity. From our formal digital courses to the Humanities curriculum, the challenge and focus is to harness these incredibly powerful tools within the fabric of our academic day.  As educators, we are committed to helping students thrive in today’s information-rich culture by using technology effectively. Simply being “tech-savvy” isn’t enough – students need to develop as capable and responsible users, information seekers, problem solvers, and decision makers.  

Technology Facilities

Technology Courses

Application Programming

We teach iOS, HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP languages.

Technology Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud

iMac labs equipped with the full Adobe Suite.

Google Workspace for Education

All Faculty, Staff, and Students use the Google Workspace for Education tools for all school work including Gmail and Google Classroom for communication.

iPad Program

Morristown Beard School was one of the first schools in the country to adopt the iPad, in 2010.

We are continuing to find new and exciting ways to use the iPad which is why all students, from grade 6-12, are required to have one. 

The iPad provides a hands-on learning experience for students that allows them to interact with class material in a completely different way.  For instance, in Anatomy and Physiology, students can view the skeletal system in 3D using an AR (augmented reality) app, while in Foundations: Digital, they can harness their creativity within a digital drawing app.

Taking advantage of the combination of the iPad and Apple Pencil, many of our classes are paperless, and others use the iPad to expand the scope and nature of student projects.

Teachers integrate technology as a learning tool to help students develop their skills and cognitive abilities that will serve them well beyond their MBS classroom.

iPad Testimonials

iPad Testimonial 3

The newest iteration of the iPad, the iPad Pro, has revolutionized the way students use it in the classroom across all subjects. Teachers and students have adapted and improved their workflows and portfolios of work. MBS Graphic Design and Digital Illustration students have used it as their primary device since 2017 for creating their pieces. The quality of the student’s work shows a remarkable difference. The addition of the Apple Pencil has made a huge impact in the classroom because of it’s pixel-perfect precision, pressure sensitivity, and support for palm rejection. Students use it to draw, take notes, and mark up documents.

Deanna Whelan

iPad Testimonial 2

I almost exclusively work through notes with my students using the iPad.  The Notability app allows me to easily write in different colors, highlight, and draw clean diagrams.  This makes for clearer graphs than if I tried to freehand on the board.  When we are discussing a problem, I can easily pass my iPad and Apple pencil to a student so they are able to have their work projected.  I can then upload the work we did and share it via Google Classroom so students can access it at a later date. 

Upper School Math Teacher

iPad Testimonial 1

The Apple Pencil and iPad Pro combination is a game changer for teaching. Being able to write digital notes and project them in front of the class essentially mimics using a traditional chalkboard or whiteboard, with the added benefits that one can easily put in pictures, graphs and diagrams pulled from other resources. That you can then save the file at the end of a class is also very helpful (both for keeping records of what was taught and to give to students to use if they missed a class).

Dr. Chris Payette

Technology Policies and Guidelines

Social Media

MBS subscribes to a “Do-no-harm” policy of social media use, with “harm” broadly defined as a misuse of social media towards any individual, members of the MBS Community, the School and its reputation. Be mindful of your digital footprint. Anything that you post online can and will follow you throughout life. Do not post anything that you would not like your friends, family, college admissions officer, or future employer to see. Things you post online are possibly permanent and easily traceable. Be a good digital citizen. Be respectful of others online and be mindful of what you say. Do not say things online that you would not say to someone in person.


The MBS Technology Acceptable Use Policy is consistent with the School’s Mission and Core Values. Here at MBS, we view technology as an enhancement tool to the learning experience.

All students are responsible for their actions and activities involving technology. These terms and conditions apply to all technology equipment and use of technology on campus. Please note that these terms and conditions are not intended to be exhaustive; there may be additional examples of acceptable and prohibited uses that are not outlined here.