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A Rigorous Upper School Curriculum

Our Upper School curriculum offers challenges to every student and satisfies a broad range of interests.

Our private high school curriculum offers a rigorous academic program to challenge every student and satisfy a broad range of interests. MBS students can also participate in an array of co-curricular options to gain a deeper understanding of themselves while contributing to the community beyond.

We encourage our students to take risks, to engage deeply in learning, and to become independent thinkers. At MBS, we teach the values and habits of mind that we believe will prepare young people not only for success in college, but also for lives of meaning and fulfillment.

Academic Departments,
Courses, and Requirements

The school year consists of two 16-week semesters. Students are required to take a minimum of six courses per semester. Seniors must pass all of their courses to graduate. Exceptions to any of the academic requirements listed below must be approved by the Head of Upper School.

Students generally go beyond these minimum requirements in pursuit of their academic interests, and we encourage them to do so.

Our academic departments and their related courses are listed below alongside academic requirements for all students at the School.


Department and Course Listings


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Course Requirements

English 4 years
Math 3 years (Integrated Math 1, 2, 3)
History 3 years
Science 3 years laboratory sciences with no repeat
Arts 1 year fulfilled through the Art and Design or Performing Arts Program
(2 years starting with Class of 2024)
World Language 3 consecutive years of the same language

Wellness 9 (full year); Wellness 10 (one semester), Integrative Health (one semester)

Upper School Signature Programs

The Upper School at MBS features an ever-evolving group of Signature Programs built upon forward-thinking academic research.

We continually seek to push the boundaries of our teaching and learning, and our Signature Programs reflect this commitment. Our Signature Programs are an important reason why our students report high levels of preparedness (and consequently, achievement) through college and beyond.

Upper School Signature Programs

Upper School Signature Programs

Advanced Topics

Advanced Topics foreground critical thought and discussion, requiring students both to think across disciplinary boundaries and to engage in college-level readings and arguments.

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Independent Studies

Our Independent Study program encourages Upper School students to explore areas of interest that fall outside the traditional course catalog.

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Humanities Program

This integrated Upper School curriculum, global in perspective, will allow your student to make new and surprising connections among different cultures.

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Earned Honors Model

Upper School has created a model in many classes whereby students are given the opportunity to earn honors on the basis of the work they produce.

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Advanced Studies Program

The Upper School offers a suite of discipline-specific, year-long Advanced Studies (AS) courses that equal or exceed AP courses as rigorous alternatives to the standardized AP curriculum.

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