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The Center for Innovation & Design

The Center for Innovation and Design (CID) is a place for collaboration, for creativity, and for the discovery of new capacities within students and faculty alike.

T h e C I D i n A c t i o n

Students in Matt Martino’s Human Scale class unveiled three pieces of full-sized cardboard furniture that they created in the CID for the Beard Hall reception area. The project was the students' response to a prompt to create custom seating that brings people together.

As part of their visit to campus, the Leonieke Jazz Trio recorded a version of “Summertime” in the CID featuring senior vocalist Maya Bhide ’23. The music was recorded and mixed by MBS students in Dr. John Girvin’s Studio Recording class.

Kevin Chen '25 was hard at work over the summer planning and filming a drone fly-through of our Math & Science Center. Keep an eye out for a cameo by Kevin later in the video!

W h e r e W e W o r k

Located in the middle of campus, the CID is central to the School’s vision for what education can be: the cultivation of essential skills in critical reasoning, teamwork, and problem-solving through hands-on, authentic creative experiences.

Equipping students and faculty with cutting-edge technology and dedicated studio spaces, the CID invites all members of the community to immerse themselves in the design process: defining a problem, iterating prototypes, collaborating and critiquing, and refining a product. Whether working in digital media, audio, film, cardboard, wood, or metal, students in the CID learn what it means to follow a process, to embrace the insights gained through experimentation and failure, and to see design problems, and possibilities, wherever they go in the world.

Digital Studio

In the Digital Studio, students learn that just because the world is digital doesn’t mean it can’t be one of creative expression and beauty. Workstations equipped with Wacom Cintiq tablets give students the chance to experiment with the balance between traditional visual arts and digital effects, in a studio space designed for sharing, critiquing, and learning together. 

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Post-Production Studio

Whether creating film scores, recording their own songs, imagining soundscapes for installations, or reframing and refocusing a scene in their newest film short, students in the post-production studio have access to professional technology and professional expertise in mixing and editing audio and video media.

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Audio Studio

The Audio Studio, with a dedicated audio recording booth, changes how sound can be captured on campus. Percussion and string ensemble performances, spoken word poetry, podcasts, and even physics experiments can hear themselves, and let others hear them, better than ever before.

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Video Studio

In the Video Studio, students can control lighting, camera angle, and work against green screen backdrops to produce a range of video media, whether a live journalism broadcast or a dramatic special effect.

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Artisan Studio

Aimed at more traditional forms of fabrication, the Artisan Studio enables students to design and create in metal, stained glass, and jewelry. Joined by double doors to the makerspace, this studio encourages collaboration in mixed-media 3D design.

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H o w W e W o r k A c r o s s D i s c i p l i n e s

In addition to sustaining a unique suite of curricular electives, the CID supports faculty across disciplines who see design a vehicle for student learning. The CID was founded on the view that the central challenge of design—relating form, fit, and function—is the fundamental challenge in any classroom, in any subject matter.