Technology in the Curriculum

iPads and Macbooks being used by students in study sessionStudent using iPad in classroom

All of us are immersed in a rapidly-expanding environment of information and ever-changing technological tools. As educators, we are committed to helping students thrive in today’s information-rich culture by using technology effectively. Simply being “tech-savvy” isn’t enough – students need to develop as capable and responsible users, information seekers, problem solvers and decision makers.

At Morristown-Beard School, we are discovering that constructing curriculum in the Digital Age is a complex process that both demands and elicits creativity. From our formal digital courses to the Humanities curriculum, the challenge and focus is to harness these incredibly powerful tools within the fabric of our academic day.

As Morristown-Beard School moves forward with the latest technology in the classroom, we remain committed to the values that have defined us for more than a century. We are vigilant in maintaining the position we have articulated in our Strategic Plan: to “act purposively to identify, investigate and implement technologies to advance the School’s mission and curricular goals, recognizing that technology is a pedagogical means and not an end in itself.”


Social Media Policy

MBS subscribes to a “Do-no-harm” policy of social media use, with “harm” broadly defined as a misuse of social media towards any individual at large, members of the MBS Community, the School and its reputation. Be mindful of your digital footprint. Anything that you post online can and will follow you throughout life. Do not post anything that you would not like your friends, family, college admissions officer, or future employer to see. Things you post online are possibly permanent and easily traceable.

Be a good digital citizen. Be respectful of others online and be mindful of what you say. Do not say things online that you would not say to someone in person.

Social Media Guidelines

When it comes to using social media, one must THINK before posting.

I should ask myself: Is what I am posting…


Online bullying and harassment issues are taken very seriously. Reported instances of alleged abuse will be examined by the appropriate administrative personnel who will determine if abuse has occurred and if disciplinary action is warranted.

Photos or videos taken during the school day of faculty, staff, or students may not be posted without proper consent.

The School reserves the right to discipline any student, including the possibility of expulsion, for behavior that reflects in a negative way on the School, no matter where or when such behavior occurs.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

The Morristown-Beard School Technology Acceptable Use Policy is consistent with the School’s Mission Statement and Core Values. Here at MBS, we view technology as an enhancement tool to the learning experience.

All students are responsible for their actions and activities involving technology. These terms and conditions apply to all technology equipment and use of technology on campus. Please note that these terms and conditions are not intended to be exhaustive; there may be additional examples of acceptable and prohibited uses that are not outlined here.

Terms and Conditions you agree to as a Morristown-Beard School Student

1. I understand that…

a. all MBS computers, and the MBS network, are not private and are monitored by the MBS technology staff.

b. all MBS owned technology equipment (e.g., computers, printers, etc.) is the property of MBS.

c. any negative, harassing, or illegal postings on social media will have consequences at MBS. (Please see the MBS Social Media guidelines in the Family Handbook for more information)

2. I will…

a. be respectful of MBS’ and other students’ technology equipment.

b. password/passcode protect all of my devices.

c. use my real name for all electronic communication.

3. I will not…

a. attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Morristown-Beard School network or to any systems on the MBS network.

b. post negatively about MBS on social media. MBS will defend its brand, reputation and copyright.

c. attempt to log in to the MBS website with another person’s User ID and password.

4. I assume responsibility for…

a. any damage to school equipment while in my use.

b. my online actions.

c. my social media postings.

The School reserves the right to discipline any student, including the possibility of expulsion, for behavior that reflects in a negative way on the School, no matter where or when such behavior occurs.