Center for Teaching and Learning

Students help one another at the Center for Teaching and learning
We help students achieve the next level of academic success.

Our Center for Teaching and Learning helps break down barriers to learning, inspiring students to achieve to their full potential, and teaching them how to get the most out of their academic career at MBS.

We are open to the entire school, grades six through twelve. Our faculty are devoted to reaching student potential through an individualized approach to the learning process. We teach students varying academic strategies for reading, writing, studying, problem-solving, test-taking and organization through our curriculum.

Located on the second floor of South Wing, our facilities are comprised of two large classrooms, a common area, and several offices for independent and small group work. These diverse and accessible spaces permit students to operate in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, thus addressing a variety of learning styles. Our facilities are equipped with iMac computer workstations, a library of textbooks, study skill guides and a variety of multi-media learning tools and assistive technologies.

You will find the Center to be an energetic environment, fueled by positive interpersonal interaction and dedicated professionals. Our goal is to assist students on their way towards independence, self-reliance and academic success.

For a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) see below.

Jenna Sumner
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Center for Teaching and Learning FAQ

How do students access the Center for Teaching and Learning?

The CTL faculty works to match level of need with level of support.

There are two ways for Upper School students to access the CTL:

  • “Drop-In” status – Any Upper School student may choose to access the LC throughout the school day (8am-4pm) on a one-time or regular basis.
  • Scheduled Sessions – Students have an Academic Strategies Class scheduled and meet three times a week. The CTL faculty make this determination based on a variety of factors. Middle School students may access the CTL by scheduled class times.

My child has Dyslexia and/or ADHD. How can the CTL help?

The CTL faculty has advanced degrees in areas of child development, learning and/or psychology. We utilize our training and broad understanding of learning styles and abilities to review psycho-educational testing, manage accommodations, introduce assistive technologies, and teach academic strategies and organizational skills. We address individual challenges while equipping all students with tools for academic and personal success.

How does a student qualify for accommodations at MBS?

Accommodations are granted to students only with completed and updated (within the last 3 years) psycho-educational testing and a thorough review by Learning Center faculty. MBS follows the guidelines of College Board Requirements for Accommodations.

What academic accommodations are offered by Morristown-Beard?

  • MBS offers five broad-based accommodations, which include:
  • Alternate Test Site
  • 50% Extended Time on Tests and Quizzes
  • Preferential Seating
  • Use of Digital Recorder
  • Use of Computer

How often will I need to update my student’s testing for both College Board and/or ACT in addition to assuring receiving accommodations at MBS?

Testing needs to be updated every three years while in attendance at MBS. If you wish to apply for accommodations for standardized testing, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning. Letters are sent out to inform all parents/students currently receiving accommodations on procedures to apply for College Board/ACT.

See how the Center for Teaching and Learning helped MBS students reach their fullest potential.

Zoe Steinberg, Morristown-Beard school graduate
"I started going to the Center for Teaching and Learning midway through my sophomore year," said recent graduate Zoe Steinberg '14, who was inducted into the Cum Laude Society and received the Multilingual Excellence Award during her senior year. "It's a good atmosphere for getting work done. There is instant feedback on a paper, and help with comprehension. Everyone is very supportive. I worked with Ms. Sumner on my college essays—I knew she would be honest."

Olivia Tedesco Morristown-Beard school graduate

Olivia Tedesco '12, currently at Georgetown University, was an honor student, Student Government Officer, peer tutor, and three-letter varsity athlete at MBS. She started working with Mrs. Pepper in tenth grade, when she was recommended for Advanced Placement History. "The AP reading requirements were demanding," Olivia said. "Mrs. Pepper employed instructional approaches to the reading that are now life skills. She was devoted to helping me reach my potential through an individualized approach."