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How Innovation Fuels Our Approach

Although we are well into the 21st century, educators continue to grapple with the challenges required to bring school practices into line with what contemporary research on learning has shown to be the best way to educate 21st century students. As the definition of academic rigor has changed, the instruction and curriculum of Morristown-Beard School have evolved, too, as part of our unending commitment to deliver the most robust, forward-thinking academic program to our students. Quite simply, innovation will always serve as the foundation of our efforts at MBS to develop and cultivate the right definition of academic rigor.

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Signature Programs

The Middle and Upper Schools at MBS feature an ever-evolving group of Signature Programs built upon forward-thinking academic research. As educators, we know that your daughter or son will benefit most from innovative classes that provide academic rigor and the opportunity for meaningful intellectual challenge. The majority of these courses feature small class sizes, allowing for true student-teacher engagement, and many utilize collaborative, team-based assignments and assessments.

At MBS, your daughter or son is empowered to take hold of their educational pathways and explore the multitude of remarkable academic options offered across the curriculum. Our Signature Programs are an important reason why our students report extremely high levels of preparedness (and consequently, achievement) through college and beyond. We’re confident that your daughter or son will enjoy the intellectual journey provided by these classes – and the rest of our curriculum, too.

Signature Programs

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Center for Innovation and Design

Slated to open in 2019, the Center for Innovation and Design will be a cutting edge academic environment designed to encourage and enable our students to expand their minds and break through traditional ways of thinking and understanding the world.

In this remarkable physical space, your daughter or son will partner with our teachers using a multitude of physical forms and resources in an effort to transform new ideas into tangible form. It will truly be a place where MBS students gain new perspectives on their learning and the intertwined processes of discovery, challenge, failure, and success.

Center for Innovation and Design