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Head of School Search Committee

  • Paul Hawkins ‘85 (Trustee, HOS Search Committee Chair, Alumnus, P ‘18, ‘20; Email: paulhawkins@mbs.net
  • Ravi Chopra ‘97  (Trustee, Alumnus)
  • Pam Nelson Davidson ‘90 (Trustee, Alumna)
  • John Fay (Board President, P ‘11, ‘14, ‘20 )
  • Shanae Green (Trustee, P ‘22)
  • Gail Kurz ‘86 (Trustee, Alumna, P ‘17, ‘19)
  • Boni Luna (Head of Middle School)
  • Michael McGrann (Faculty, World Languages Chair)
  • Rob Mitchell (Director of Enrollment Management, P ‘15, ‘20, ‘23)
  • David Molowa (Trustee, Former Faculty, P ‘05)
  • Lee Kellogg Sadrian ‘89 (Trustee, Alumna, P ‘26)
  • Carisa Strauss (Trustee, P ‘20, ‘22, ‘24)
  • Lisa Swanson (Middle School Faculty, P ‘21)
  • Scott Tannen ‘95 (Trustee, Alumnus, P ‘22, ‘25, ‘25)

Head of School Search Timeline

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how our search consultants have conducted their meetings and forums with members of the MBS community, the search process for a new Head-of-School continues to move forward and on schedule with the help of Zoom. 

February 2020

Announcement of Peter Caldwell's retirement

Head of School Search Committee Chair Paul Hawkins '85 (Trustee, Alumnus, P '18, '20) announced

March 2020

Search Committee Members introduced

Carney Sandoe announced as search firm to assist with HOS selection

April 2020

Carney Sandoe & Associates search consultants, Bob Fricker and Lisa Parsons, held meetings and forums with School administrators, faculty, students, and current parents. 

May 2020

Carney Sandoe search consultants met with the Alumni Board.

A Head-of-School Search Survey will be sent to the entire MBS community for their input.

May-July 2020

Carney Sandoe conducts preliminary candidate outreach and screening.

Fall 2020

Selection of New Head of School

Fall 2020 - June 2021

New Head of School transition