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Michael McGrann

Michael McGrann
World Languages Chair
M.A.T., University of Massachusetts - Amherst
B.A., Cornell University
Upper School, Middle School
World Languages

Having moved to the Garden State from Queens, New York, to anchor his family in a smaller community, Michael McGrann commuted to an independent school in Brooklyn for a few years while he nosed around for an exciting opportunity in New Jersey that would provide a new professional challenge… and also put an end to his commute!

Finding Morristown-Beard School was a windfall in many ways. Yes, it was closer to his new home, but most importantly, it provided the chance to rethink his teaching methodology in his Latin classrooms. As a Classics major at Cornell – and in his MAT degree work at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst – he loved the puzzle of the Latin language, but was especially moved by the ideas that reading it unlocked, especially perceptions about the human condition.

At MBS, Michael discovered an administration and a department that both encourage him to think differently about teaching and learning. His goal is no longer to simply teach students about the language and immerse them in content; instead, he seeks to teach them to communicate with the ancient world. Accordingly, Michael has dug into the study of Second Language Acquisition, listened to and observed his World Language colleagues, and ultimately stepped into the role of department chair. In this role, he aspires to help the Department move forward in its mission to cultivate, through communication in other languages, a love of learning about other cultures and an awareness of a world and perspectives beyond students’ daily experiences.

Outside of the classroom, Michael enjoys serving MBS as the faculty advisor to the Latin Club and, as such, oversees the chariot race – a fun, interactive student activity that has quickly become an annual tradition!