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Allison Williamson

Allison Williamson
English, Director of the Center for Academic Writing
M.A., Seton Hall University
B.A., Grove City College
Upper School
English, Center for Academic Writing

Allison Williamson has photographic evidence of one of her earliest passions. She is nine years old, her brother is about to blow out the candles on his birthday cake, and she is standing behind him, totally immersed in Judy Blume’s Superfudge. “Reading a book at a birthday party. That was me,” she says. While she has since learned to be more engaging at social events, her love of books stayed with her, leading her to earn a B.A. at Grove City College and an M.A. at Seton Hall University, both in English Literature.

It was at Seton Hall that Allison also fell in love with teaching. “I enjoyed the energy you could experience in a classroom,” she explains. “And the fact that even when reading the same essay or novel, each class was entirely different. There was always room for the unexpected.”

Allison joined the Morristown-Beard School faculty in 2011 and has found the school a place to grow as a teacher. As she encourages her students to take risks, she too has been encouraged by colleagues and the school’s curricular philosophy to take risks alongside her students. In 2015, Allison took over as Director of Academic Writing at MBS, working one-on-one with students and training peer tutors in the Center for Academic Writing. In this role, she has also worked to expand the Writing Across the Curriculum program and has enjoyed collaborating with colleagues in all of the academic disciplines.

Helping her students develop their own voices is one of the most rewarding experiences she has known.