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Talia Chaves

Talia Chaves
Library Assistant
B.A., Montclair State University
Upper School, Middle School

Joining our library staff as Assistant Librarian is Talia Chaves, who holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Montclair State University. Talia has her sights set on finishing her master's degree in Library and Information Science next year. She has worked in the children's book publishing industry for the last four years after receiving a "We Need Diverse Books" internship grant in 2016. During that time, Talia committed herself to following best practices in equity, diversity, and inclusion while building a love of reading and learning in children. Her passion for middle-grade literature is best seen through her "Book Talk with Talia" video series, where she has shared hundreds of book recommendations with librarians, educators, and readers. Talia states that her life "..has been colored by the importance of lesson planning and strong classroom management strategies, and as the assistant librarian, I would set my sights on building a bridge from the library to the classroom."